DAILY BEAT: Sky Ferreira – One

I may sound bias but I actually do love everything Sky does. As I’ve said before, she’s not your ordinary teen pop star to come out in those shiny spandex, singing cheesy, bubblegum pop songs.

Recently, she impressed us with the pop/rock hype of ’17’ which sort of became a self-expression track for her. Sky teams up with the UK’s Parlophone Records to release her official UK debut single, the Bloodyshy & Avant produced-‘One’. So it looks like Miss Sky is getting the right pop treatment eh? We’re absolutely happy for her.

‘One’ sort of veers away from the heavier ambience presented by ’17’ although there should be no comparison, it’s quite obvious. The good thing about ‘One’ is that it seems to be a lot more pop sounding than 17- when you say pop sounding, its a lot more radio friendly and seems could most likely be a summer track. Structurally, the electric, heavenly drum beats and wavy yet not to the point irritating autotuned vocals seemed to have worked in this one. Although I have to admit I’m not a fan of heavily autotuned-things, the tweaking presented in ‘One’ is rather appreciable.


LABEL: Parlophone Records UK

*cover art made by me. Sorry, I was bored. Thanks.


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One response to “DAILY BEAT: Sky Ferreira – One

  1. I just heard this yesterday and was pretty impressive by it. I don’t get 17, even after liking One, but yeah, it’s by Bloodyshy & Avant who is also Miike Snow and god knows how much I love Miike Snow. So it’s a no brainer this song is my cup of tea 🙂 Totally A class

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