DAILY BEAT: I Blame Coco – Self Machine

Coco Sumner, more commonly known the lead person behind the band I Blame Coco shouldn’t be known just because she’s the daughter of Sting but hence, should be reckoned because of her amazing voice and artistry. After her debut single, ‘Caesar’ which featured the marvelous Robyn surfaced earlier this year, we’re definitely convinced that Coco needs to be known by the music public. I’ve been meaning to do an artist feature about her for quite sometime now and this probably will be my first write-up about her. Coco is about to release single #2, ‘Self Machine’ – and it’s way different from ‘Caesar’, I tell you.

Since ‘Caesar’ failed to receive favourable results commercially, it’s almost always single number two that resurrects a new artist from extinction. ‘Self Machine’ presents a much more sparkling vibe compared to the dark, electronic underground beats produced by ‘Caesar’. Song writing in ‘Self Machine’ also improved as Coco sings with conviction ‘Lonely robot in a wasteland, rusting in a lonely harbour’ – alongside the track’s brilliant electro-rock accompaniment it’s one of Coco’s best songs to come out yet and mind you, Sub Focus and La Roux did a good job in doing the remixes too.

LABEL: Island Records

RELEASED: July 11, 2010



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