Single Review: Alexandra Burke – Start Without You

So, we’ve got a new Alexandra track – I always assume it’s good since it’s from Alexandra and so far, she hasn’t disappointed me with her single releases. ‘Start Without You’ is the new single from Alexandra Burke’s re-release of her debut album, ‘Overcome’. There are no slated release dates yet but we’re pretty sure, there are going to be new tracks on the re-release including this RedOne produced track, ‘Start Without You’.

To be lawfully honest, the reggae-themed single from Alex is somehow a bore to me. Maybe it’s a summer smash for some, but it lacked uniformity across the track. Although it’s quite surprising to see a reggae production from mega producer RedOne, the almost novelty-like beats didn’t just fit together as a whole. Having said that, ‘Start Without You’ has the potential to grow on your playlists but the truth is- there are other summer smash songs that are coming out and they’re better than this. Agree? Well, listen for yourselves.



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2 responses to “Single Review: Alexandra Burke – Start Without You

  1. ugh, i am not a lover of re-releasing albums, especially when it’s a “thank you” for the fans! And this isn’t brilliant. It’s only ok đŸ˜¦ Alex should be cashing in and whizzing out another new album of brilliant music for the Christmas period…

  2. hateslaters

    HAHAHA. Some people need their ears checking!!! Only because your probably “white” (like me) and this song came as a cultural shock to you, I don’t know. But this track is a hige carnival track. And if your such an avid alexandra fan which you seem to be, then she doesn’t need people like you giving her bad and negative reviews does she?. I remember people used to say the same thig about Bob Marley and Aaliyah…well guess what she ain’t going no where so get used to it!!! Saddo

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