DAILY BEAT: Tom Dice – Me and My Guitar

I know I may be a little late with this but this guy needs to be heard. Really. It’s rare for me to appreciate singers coming from countries other than the US or UK and Tom Dice might be the exact epitome of it. The Belgian crooner seriously has amazing cuts from his album that can challenge Jason Mraz, Paolo Nutini’s and others alike. For those who didn’t know anything about him, he’s the Belgian entry to this year’s Eurovision 2010 held in Oslo. He finished sixth with his sweet, eloquently sang ballad ‘Me and My Guitar’.

‘Me and My Guitar’ doesn’t seem to be your pick of a Eurovision song entry at first listen but the sincerity and emotion portrayed by Dice in performing the song is such an amazing listening experience. It’s sweet, calming just gorgeous in most places especially with him singing ‘Tell me when I got it wrong, tell me everything will be okay, before I fall…’. It’s somehow cheesy but you can never take away a good melody when combined even with the cheesiest lyrics right?  And this going first on a semi-final isn’t such a bad thing, Is it?

Listen to it now:


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