NEW SINGLE ALERT: Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

To be brutally honest with you, I never thought in a freaking million years that Brandon Flowers will push through a solo career. Well, in his case I’m quite shocked when I heard the news that he’s going to release a solo musical project in the near future. I immediately thought that he is leaving the Killers. Thank God, I was wrong. Well, ‘Crossfire’ is Brandon’s debut solo single to be released alongside with his debut album, ‘Flamingo’.

‘Crossfire’ doesn’t veer away to the sound of the Killers. It’s still effortless pop/rock amazingness that we’re used to hear from them. To be honest, it hit me that he might go for glam rock sound – something sounding like Muse right? All in a while, their music isn’t that far from each other. ‘Crossfire’ is some track you shouldn’t miss if you’re a fan of the band. My laud for Brandon just got even better because of this.

And it’s BRILLIANT. Really.

RELEASED: June 12, 2010 (Radio)

LABEL: Island Records



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3 responses to “NEW SINGLE ALERT: Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

  1. Coxy

    You’re right – this song is amazing! So beautiful lyrically and he sings this SO well. The falsetto is gorgeous.

    Can’t wait for the solo record!

  2. Lynn

    Amazing lyrics, very unusual! No one writes like Brandon!

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