INTERVIEW: Natalia Kills

So, we’ve featured Natalia on the blog a few months back and the release of her singles, ‘Zombie’ and ‘Activate You Heart’ tells us there’s something very very interesting about this girl. Natalia Capuccino, who goes by the intriguing ‘Natalia Kills’ is set to mark her debut this summer – and we all can’t wait for that.

TBR: Hi Natalia, how are you doing?

Natalia: I’m wild thanks Sweetheart…

TBR: Who’s Natalia Kills really?

Natalia: I’m a sound based visual artist… or more traditionally- a singer/ songwriter signed to Interscope/Cherrytree records…

TBR: How did you come up with the name?

Natalia: My name is Natalia, but thats not descriptive of my personality which is important to get across… My album is called “Perfectionist”… its about me… my dreams, disappointments and ambitions and how i always want the best… I believe we’re all perfectionists- we’re all looking for the ideal and trying to have the best life possible… and to be the best at something you “kill it”… so… Natalia Kills.

TBR: You’ve been compared to your labelmate Lady GaGa before when you first launched into the music scene. How do you feel about it?

Natalia: People always make comparisons so they can relate to something familiar… Its always nice to be compared to something thats great and admirable so I take it as a compliment. I’m happy to be compared to anyone who is creative, influential and writes their own material from the heart. Its all about expressing emotions and giving a voice to the imagination.

TBR: Your official debut single will be released this summer. Can you name it? if not, just give a brief description about it.

Natalia: I can’t give up too much info… although keeping quite is killing me! (pun intended… ha ha!). People have described my sound as “Dark Pop” because theres an element of drama to the music and lyrics… but even though its not ‘dance music’ its definitely not too dark to dance and have a good time to!

TBR: Are there any plans of promoting your music very soon? (Media appearances etc.?)

Natalia: Hopefully I will be performing and releasing my first music video to the single before the summer is over!

TBR: Can you describe how your debut album will sound?

Natalia: Like a walk through my mind. Watch out!

TBR: You’ve been featured as a rapper on a track, how did you decide to finally go to mainstream pop music?

Natalia: Rapping and Pop aren’t separate at all! The most successful rappers are in the pop demographic all the time- anything thats good and catchy becomes popular…  and i’ve never not wanted to be pop… but I just follow the natural evolution of my songwriting, and even though i still rap on my album i felt like singing more. I do what i feel.

TBR: Does your music reflect your personal life?

Natalia: Yes! My entire album is about me, personally! When i wrote all the songs, i decided each one had to be a thought, feeling or experience that has defined me. There is every part of me in this record, my past, my hopes, dreams and disappointments too. This album is the voice of who i am, its a sound track to my entire life and a Dogma for anyone who wanted the best in life and just went for it, no matter how hard or disappointing the journey can be.

TBR: You’re style is effin’ awesome. How did you come up with that? Any inspirations? Or favourite shopping places? Designers? Give us a bit of a scoop of that. x

Natalia: I’m not hugely into fashion… I just dress according to my mood. I can’t wear beige just because its in season…

I just stick to my own style of interpretive clothing… if i feel predatory i’ll wear red, if i feel neutral i’ll wear black… if I want to hide i’ll wear glasses…

TBR: Good luck with your music Natalia, we all can’t wait for your success. Any last messages? Show back some love? x

Natalia: Thanks so much to everyone for the support so far!! I hope everyone enjoys listening to my album as much as i enjoyed making it!


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