Single Review: The Saturdays – Missing You (+Music Video)

So… We’ve got the new Saturdays video up in front of us right now. After just clinging on to two singles on their previous album, ‘Wordshaker’ – the English gals are back with ‘Missing You’. The single will precede the release of their new album, ‘Headlines’ to be released this August.

Here’s some of the few things I have to say about the single choice.

1. ‘Missing You’ sounds like an album track. Not something you’d hear as a comeback track that would uplift your lost consciousness about the girls’ disappearance.

2. Well, it’s actually better than ‘Forever Is Over‘ which I think was overly done.

3. A recent track that they performed ‘Higher’ is 10x better.

4. Potential chart positions: #2 at MOST, top 20 at least.

5. I was expecting something like a summer smash to add on my 2010 Summer Hits collection. Well it did fail on that, Miserably.

Here are a few things I have to say about the new video.

1. The idea of shooting the video in Spain for this type of song is a nice choice.

2. Frankie is overly tanned.

3. The choreography in the chorus part is absolutely annoying.

4. The whole video seemed like it’s one of those videos shown whenever you’re singing on a Karaoke machine.

5. To be completely honest, they could’ve done better.

RELEASED: August 9, 2010

LABEL: Fascination Records UK



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4 responses to “Single Review: The Saturdays – Missing You (+Music Video)

  1. Tyler

    I really like the song its proably one my favorite songs they ever done. Either this, Ego, or Work. But i think at worst the single will do is top 5 since forever is over only had the really big fans buy the single and it got to number 2. I think it still has a shot of getting the number one spot though because it doesn’t seem like any other major singer is releaseing a song that week.

  2. Ryze

    At first I was disappointed in the song, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it. Though Frankie being drowned in auto-tune is annoying. I would have like something more upbeat for the first single, but this will do for now. Can’t wait for the album.

  3. Jon

    I completely disagree, i think this could be one of the best songs the band have ever done!! The video is really summery and i think this is absolutly one of my summer smashes, i can quite easily imagin a remix of this song being played in ibiza on holiday! one thing i dont like is that on every single T.V appearance the girls have mimed to the high heavens and we all know they can sing, ive seen them live twice and on T.V countless times and i just think its lazyness!!! love the girls though CANT wait for their new album (as half arsed as a 8 track album is when 2 of its songs were on the last one, but still im happy with anything they release haha).

  4. K

    Una isn’t English. :/

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