INTERVIEW: Lee Ryan (New Single Out July 5th!)

One of my favourite boy band lead singers, Lee Ryan is absolutely back and he’s better than ever. He’s currently gearing up for the release of his official comeback single which is a double A-Side ‘Secret Love/I Am Who I Am’. The single – two different musical and lyrical content is firing up with angst, pop and vulnerability all at the same time. The stunning ballad, ‘I Am Who I Am’ is surely not to be missed. I’ve been in love with it for quite sometime now!

Our dearest Lee is quite generous to answer some questions about the new single, his new sound and being thrown with a bottle of fresh milk in his new video. Plus, he confirms Blue’s reunion too!

READ the CHINWAG below:

TBR: Good day Lee, how are you doing today?
Good Day. I’m good, how are you?

TBR: Absolutely fine! Anyway, You’ve got a new single coming out this July and it’s a double A-Side. Can you tell us more about it?
The two singles are I Am Who I Am and Secret Love. I Am Who I Am is a really cool ballad. Secret Love is an up- tempo Dance Track. I’m really looking forward to it coming out, can’t wait. I think it’s going to have a lot to offer for the single and you’re going to be getting a lot for your money.

TBR: ‘Secret Love’ was pushed back and will be released alongside the gorgeous ballad, ‘I Am Who I Am’. How come?
We decided to push back the release of ‘Secret Love’ back and release as a double A-side because we felt that I Am Who I Am was getting such a great response on the acoustic side when we were performing it live so it was just one of those decisions that has worked well for us and I’m really happy that it’s gone well and it’s given me a real chance to get back out there again, putting myself back out in the public eye and getting people to hear my new music.

TBR: I’ve seen the video for ‘I Am Who I Am’ are things being throwed at you hurt at all? I mean it’s kind of harsh right?
Yes it is a kind of harsh video but I wanted to make the video powerful, it was a conscious effort to do that and I prefer the I Am Who I Am Video to Secret Love. I didn’t really get Secret Love when we did the video, I was so much happier with the outcome of the I Am Who I Am Video.

TBR: Are you expecting any chart position as of now?
I don’t know how to see where we are with this chart position at the moment. It’s doing great at radio but then again it depends on how many people actually go out there and buy it or download it when it comes out but I pray that it gets into the top ten.

TBR: How do you think you’ve grown as an artist since the release of your first album?
I think the reason my first solo album didn’t do so well was, I always say that it wasn’t my album, it was quite upsetting to not be able to release an album that I 100% believed in and I even said that through the promotion of that solo album because I didn’t feel like I had the chance to actually express myself even though some of the songs on that album I really did enjoy I feel like as a solo artists I didn’t know what they meant which was quite frustrating so with this album I think is totally different as I’ve written the whole lot and I understand what it means and I can do great interviews and talk about my music whereas before I couldn’t.

TBR: We’ve been very excited about the Blue reunion tour since it came out on the news last year, are there any progress about that project that you can spill out?
Yes. We are getting back together. It’s going to be next year sometime but at the moment it’s early days with getting all the deal sorted with the record label but It’s going to happen, don’t worry.

TBR: I’ve seen on a previous interview about a comparison with JLS, how’d you feel about them?
JLS I think are an amazing group. I think with them coming from a reality TV programme like the X Factor you can’t compare then to Blue. Their success has been amazing but I kinda think would they have been so successful if they didn’t come from a massive platform such as the Xfactor. I love their songs, I think they’re great but I think Blue where a lot more mature even when we first came out with the sound we had. I don’t know. I would never put JLS down cos I know the boys and I think they’re great but I do think Blue and JLS are totally different.

TBR: Thanks Lee! You’re amazeballs!

Catch Lee with his new double A-Side single, ‘I Am Who I Am/ Secret Love’ out on July 5th in the UK. His new album, ‘Confessions’ will be out sometime this year!



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