DAILY BEAT: KT Tunstall – Push That Knot Away (+Music Video)

Okay, Miss Big Black Horse and the Cherry Tree is officially back! Scottish pop/rock/folk singer KT Tunstall graces us again with her new sound after 3 years of absence. A new track, ‘Push That Knot Away’ will be released as the lead single off her new album ‘Tiger Suit’ to be released 20th September in the United Kingdom.

The 35-year old songstress maybe best known for her melodic, pop folk songs that pokes every emotion out of anyone who hears it. After 2007’s ‘Drastic Fantastic’ KT pushes to a new level of pop/rock music as she incorporated loads of electric guitars and drum beats into most of her tracks.

Miss Katherine Victoria Tunstall continues to bring us with heavy electric guitar driven tracks with ‘Push That Knot Away’. It’s definitely not one of those blues tracks she used to record back in 2004, instead it follows the footsteps of ‘Drastic Fantastic’ with its somehow rocky, edgy feeling incorporated with a fantastic chorus. It may sound country at parts but the result of the 3-year absence is somehow favourable.

Here’s the official music video for your consumption. Although I’m thinking this is only a buzz single.


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