Single Review: Robyn – Hang With Me

Miss Robyn Carlson has been consistently in our playlist during the last few months as she bombarded us with a fantastic introduction to an epic trilogy to be released this year. Her first offering, ‘Body Talk Pt. 1’ contained one of the best pop songs of 2010, ‘Dancing On My Own’- which I’m convinced will be a headliner in most bloggers’ year-end countdowns. The Swedish star is already getting ready to prepare for the release of the second installment, ‘Part 2’. Part of which is the release of a new single, ‘Hang With Me’.

If you can remember, ‘Hang With Me’ was included in Body Talk Pt.1 as an acoustic version which kind of melted us from the string array of bass heavy, upbeat tunes produced in most of her 8-track EP. She’s audacious enough to give us the original version of ‘Hang With Me’ as the next EP’s lead single. Similar to ‘Dancing On My Own’ the club-ish tunes never disappeared in this 3 and a half minute stomper. It’s overflowing with lovable synths and well constructed verses delivered to put justice on the acoustic version we heard in Body Talk Pt. 1. Well, this I must say is very addicting – similar to what we’ve learned to love in ‘DOMO’.


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