B-Side: The Saturdays – Ready To Rise

Good day Ladies and gents! It’s a big surprise that I’m posting something tonight. Since I’m actually very very busy with uni stuff and ya’ll from the other side of the planet are enjoying your summer – it’s a clear excuse why I have not been posting anything in the past week. Considering that ya’ll have been very generous with page hits and keeping the stats go higher every day even without a single update for more than a week now.  I think it’s time for you to listen to something new.

It’s official, Britain’s hottest girl group are back with a new single. If you’ve read our simple rant about ‘Missing You’ you may actually get the idea that we’re so-so about the single choice. And as we all know, when the Sats release a single – there’s a big anticipation about a brand new b-side. Well, the girls are known to be that generous and giving us unbelievably good B-sides to every single they’ve released for the past year. With the release of ‘Missing You’ comes ‘Ready To Rise’ – a sultry, electro pop number that ranks in between the elegance of ‘I Can’t Wait’ and the xenomania-ish charm of ‘Golden Rules’.

To tell you the ugly truth, I actually find ‘Ready To Rise’ better than ‘Missing You’ in terms of musicality. It’s as usual, irresistible like the other Sats B-sides. It’s not their best B-Side yet but it’s kind of a blessing in disguise. ‘Missing You’ is as bland as it can be and ‘Ready To Rise’ somehow tries to lift the single from its lowest point. Let’s see if a B-side can do more good to ‘Missing You’.

RELEASED: August 9th 2010

LABEL: Fascination Records


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One response to “B-Side: The Saturdays – Ready To Rise

  1. actually, i watched this movie twice because i sort of laughed a lot on the ugly truth movie ,`:

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