State Of The Blog Address.

As you may all have noticed by now, I haven’t been able to do my blogging duties since August started. Well, it’s quite understandable because I’m in my most crucial year at university. Moreover, next year (my final year) will be tighter than ever. Anyway, the blog posts on HIATUS certainly isn’t part of my plan and as much as I can, I kept myself up to date about what’s hot in the music business. But unfortunately, I haven’t been able to translate any of my thoughts into writing.

So here’s what’s going to happen. I’m still going to post sporadically but I’m not sure if I can take any PR requests at the moment. Chart updates are discontinued as well as regular album reviews, single reviews or even the DAILY BEAT. Well, if I find anything interesting to post and I have time to do it then why not?

So basically that’s it. The MONTHLY playlist will still be published monthly (anytime of the month) and links will be uploaded to the blog’s tumblr account.

If you have any questions, requests that I can attend to – PLEASE feel free to hit me on the blog’s email.



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2 responses to “State Of The Blog Address.

  1. thanks for sharing. Point taken! God bless

  2. andre mcd

    hurry up and come back

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