DAILY BEAT: Lights – My Boots

Valerie Poxleitner a.k.a Lights might be still unknown to many but the truth is, she has an unwavering potential in every little thing she does. From the soulful, synthy and dreamy waves of ‘Saviour’ – her first offering, the 23-year old Canadian singer has gone electro-synth in her latest offering, ‘My Boots’.

The new single, which is off from her sophomore studio album is already out in the Canadian iTunes Store and is selling like hotcakes. The synthy, dance inflicted soon-to-be hit redefines Valerie’s style into something more pop culture embracing musicality. With an infectious beat backing up every line, this is Valerie’s best offering yet. And she’s like all the other brilliant artists who’re waiting to be recognised and we’ll wait for it whatever it takes.




RELEASED: 12th October 2010

LABEL: Universal Music Canada




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4 responses to “DAILY BEAT: Lights – My Boots

  1. iamBETTYz

    Her real name is actually Lights.

  2. TheFameMonster

    What Betty said.

    She changed her name a couple years ago from Valerie to Lights. So now, she’s Lights Valerie-Anne Poxleitner.

  3. <333!!!!! DEATH TO VALERIE! 😀
    but for reals, 5 * A+ for sure.

  4. and actually Fame, her name is just Lights Valerie Poxleitner. she cut out Anne :p

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