Cover-Rage: Nadine Coyle – Insatiable (Official Album Cover)

So do you think everything’s coincidental? It’s quite surprising that Nadine suddenly released the official cover for her début album just a day after Geordie Cheryl did. I don’t know what’s up with the graphic designers these labels are getting but most of the album covers are disastrous looking today. Even though Nuhdeen looked stunning in that photograph – the album art look seemed all a bit crappy and this isn’t what you usually get from a die-hard GA Pro-Nuhdeen person.

The truth is, the CD if you looked at it in a holistic way would not look like it could be a #1 record.  Poor Nuhdeen, I think we all know we’re quite sure that she’ll never be as popular as Cheryl but I’m going to put my bets here that she’s got a better album in store for all of us. You might not see that now but I’m pretty sure you’d wake up and realise this girl should be given more attention than what she is having at the moment.



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