DAILY BEAT: Pixie Lott feat. Jason Derulo – Coming Home

When I first heard about this duet, I wasn’t too sure that it’s the right pairing to be honest. Just recently, hearing the snippet on their duet made me a little more uncertain about the track. Now having heard the full version of the track, it kinda convinced me that their new song, ‘Coming Home’ is quite  a treat.

The duet is something you’d listen comfortably on your softest couch at home and be jamming along while hanging out with your best mates. It’s not the best track you can give Pixie honestly but it really does work like a charm. The chemistry in their vocals perfectly fits in every verse with enough soul and blues combining effortlessly. I’m a bit concerned that this wasn’t chosen as the first single off the re-release which I totally didn’t get at all. ‘Broken Arrow’ seemed a lil bit ironic since the re-release is titled ‘Turn It Up Louder’ with the former seeming a lil’ bit boring and melancholic. I’m guessing this might be the second single if God permits.


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