Single Review: Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go (+Music Video)

Ever since Mike Posner came unto the spotlight with a swaggery, angst-filled R&B anthem turned into a monster smash, I had laid my ears on him since. The 22 year-old alumnus from Duke University is conquering charts all over the world. With a smash single, pretty much satisfactory debut LP he’s got everything going on and we all know, his music isn’t that hard to like. The track ‘Please Don’t Go’ pretty much sums up every greatness Mike showered on his debut – an electronic pop smash stomper growing every time you play it. That’s the quality you’d want to have in today’s pop male artists – combined with every bit of the necessary swagger that doesn’t make him a bit all too cocky.

All things aside, the fact that this is co-produced by one of the most sought after music producers, Benny Blanco whom of which helped to make hits like ‘California Gurls’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘Tik Tok’ among others possible is on heck of an anthem. Consider this as Mike’s best possible hit on his debut record as ‘Please Don’t Go’ generates every bit electronic hype, combined with a lil’ bit of hip-hop influence squirming around in the track’s atmosphere – you’d likely be hearing this song in clubs, radios for a long time if God permits. And for the record, I’d be utterly devastated if this doesn’t become a monster hit.




RELEASED: September 6, 2010 (US Radio)

LABEL: J Records


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One response to “Single Review: Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go (+Music Video)

  1. I am lovin’ this too even though it’s not much well loved from the blog community. And oh yeah, I want to hear this in the club. LOL

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