Music Video: Katy Perry – Firework

Oh well, look what we got here? It’s the brand new video from Katy Perry-Brand! In this one, she’s creative enough to exchange her whipped cream bra into an invisible wonderbra that shoots fireworks! And it looked like she’s setting a trend as a lot of people in Budapest are wearing the same thing. Magical isn’t it? Anyway, I think this is Katy’s best video yet as it embraces a lot of issues. Very touching and sense-full in terms of its story concept.

‘Firework’ is her third single off the smashing album, ‘Teenage Dream’ to be released November 15th in the UK.



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3 responses to “Music Video: Katy Perry – Firework

  1. Teenage Dream is a great sophomore album…

  2. derex

    yesmmmveryy good sophomore album .but the video was the BES. And will win many awards .!

  3. For a differnet review of Katy Perrys song ‘Firework’ click here!

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