VIDEO: Nadine Coyle performs ‘Insatiable’ on the Paul O’Grady Show

She always sings awesome live eh? Even when she’s with Girls Aloud- Nadine’s consistently delivering those out of these world vocals and stunning every people who hears her.

‘Insatiable’ is out in Ireland yesterday and will be released via digital stores and CD singles starting Monday in the UK (Nov. 1).

Let’s just hope Nuhdeen doesn’t suffer a very disappointing first week finish. Even though everyone thinks she’s the Wicked Witch in Girls Aloud and Cheryl’s the saint.



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One response to “VIDEO: Nadine Coyle performs ‘Insatiable’ on the Paul O’Grady Show

  1. Rocky

    Great Song & Performance, Got to listen to the Full Album Insatiable, Have 2 say its a great album, The stand out songs are Put ur hands up, Chained, Insatiable, Red Light, Sexy Love Affair, Raw, Rumours & the Ballad I’ll make a man out of you yet. I’m gonna rate the 13 tracks on the album.
    1. Running 8/10 fast track & meleody.
    2. Put ur hands up 10/10 Great Dance track.
    3. Chained 9/10 leona lewis influenced song, great song overall.
    4. Insatiable 10/10 Loving this song, has the 80’s infulence all over it.
    5. Red Light 9/10 – Another dance track, with edge guitar.
    6. Sexy Love Affair – 10/10 Nadine uses her lower register to sing this song, but it works amazinally, but the beat really makes this song a cracker.
    7. Lubbaby – 8/10 – A fast track, not an outstanding track on the album.
    8. You are the one – 10/10 A ballad track, with the influence of the 70/80’s again.
    9. Natural – 7/10 Another ballad track, a little to slow for my liking, not mad on the backing track.
    10. Raw – 10/10 Nadine shows of great vocal ability on this song, another great song.
    11. Romours – 9/10 This song has great lyrics, and its gets it influence from the 80 era.
    12. Unbroken – 7/10 – There is nothing outstanding about this song, just an ok song.
    13. I’ll mahe a man out of you yet 10/10 – An amazing ballad, loving this song at the moment, especially the bridge of the song and the last 1 minutes of the song, where it shows of nadine vocal ability.
    Overall the album is an amazing, great variety of songs, some outsatnding songs that i expect to be hits when they are released. This is Nadine first album, and i must say that its much better than Cheryl Coles first debut “3 words”, should do really well in the charts, people buy the album when it comes out on the 8th Nov 2010.

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