TBR’s X Factor Performance Of The Week: Week 4

Hello there mates! It’s time for The X Factor Performance Of The Week and this week it’s ‘HALLOWEEN THEME’. To be lawfully honest, it’s not very surprising that they chose this theme. Overall, the performances weren’t that strong except for a few people who really showed off massive likability and ability to sing anything. Literally anything.

This week’s winner and by all means deserved it is CHER LLOYD. The 17 year-old from Malvern, Worcestershire sang a classic Shakespears Sister song ‘Stay’. There are a lot of things to say about this performance but the few that stood out were:

  1. Her outfit and make up looked like she was just going out for the mall. It really looked natural to be honest.
  2. The song choice was phenomenal.
  3. It’s NOT the best performance of the SERIES.
  4. She could’ve sang an Evanescense song but I highly doubt she’ll pull it off though.

The only thing I don’t like is Cher is absolutely overrated. From the beginning, it looked like everything was meant to go her evil ways. It actually looked like she’s gonna pass through to the finals without actually getting demeaning comments from the judges. Her act is starting to get a bit boring and I commend her for giving this type of performance. I just hope she sings something like this in the future but less haunting, I suppose. Well done!

And if It’s any consolation, VAGNER’s our RUNNER UP!


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