B-Side: Nadine Coyle – Enough Is Never Enough

The Irish part of Britain’s most successful girl band has finally arrived. Nadine Coyle and her incredible vocals spawns us with a taste of her true identity as a singer. ‘Enough Is Never Enough’ – a demo version was included as a B-Side to Nadine’s highly anticipated debut single, ‘Insatiable’. Although we all think Nadine isn’t given the fair chance of promoting her music as she had limited promotion and radio airplay prior to the release of the single – we all expect she won’t perform like Cheryl did on the charts eh?

‘Enough Is Never Enough’ – released digitally certainly fits the sultry and sexy rock vibe produced by the single. The track’s mediocrity in production just made Nadine’s vocals stand out and for some reason it just makes you want to appreciate the track more even with the simplicity of it as a whole. Combined with her inevitably good vocals – she just crushes Cheryl’s neck even with this B-Side. Let’s just hope Nadine gets what she truly deserve in the near future.

Catch the stunning new track included in the UK Digital Single of ‘Insatiable’ out NOW.

DOWNLOAD:Insatiable - EP - Nadine


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