TBR’s X Factor Performance Of The Week: Week 5

After Cher Lloyd stole the show last week, there’s been quite a battle for the best performance in this very unpatriotic theme from the X Factor this week. I’m torn between the shy, still coming out of her shell-mum from Liverpool – Rebecca and the charming, ex-painter, geeky Matt Cardle from the ‘American Anthem’ theme.

I’ve decided that based on the chilling, goosebumps, spine-tingling factors and the judges comments our winner this week is non other than REBECCA. Her performance of Bob Dylan’s slash Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ somehow pushed my emotional limits while watching the show and its the first time a contestant from The X Factor had given me that. The soulful, exquisitely brilliant Fergusson might be the shiest and the most introverted person on the X Factor but she has the voice that can sweep millions.

And that performance might have just told the 8 contestants left that they should start packing their bags early.



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2 responses to “TBR’s X Factor Performance Of The Week: Week 5

  1. ThatOne

    Rebecca is today’s Dusty Springfield, sexuality excepted and with an additional shot of soul. Rebecca doesn’t need to have dancing bears and pole dancers on stage with her, she doesn’t need to frolic around displaying her crotch; she just moves up to the microphone and sings. That is all she needs to do to become the talent show act with the most successful real world career. It will all be down to the ambition she keeps in her heart once she has ensured success for herself and financial comfort for her children.

    Meanwhile, the jostling of high-end frock makers, determined that she should wear their creations at red-carpet events, must make her feel good all over. What a thrill for any young woman! Fashion is a hard-nosed business; there would be little jostling if it wasn’t a good move to be associated with Rebecca Ferguson, 24 year old single mum from a terraced house in Liverpool, this early in her career.

  2. DAM

    Nice. A fellow X Factor UK blogger..

    Interesting pick. I actually thought though that Rebecca’s performance was a little overrated – but we may agree to disagree on that. I prefer the now eliminated, Aiden Grimshaw’s take on Nothing Compares TO U or Matt Cardle’s The First Time.

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