DAILY BEAT: Nicki Minaj – Save Me

Even though technically Nicki Minaj came into the music scene back in 2007, she certainly is one of the best new acts to actually emerge and give us fire hits and pure talent this year. From being a featured artist in monster tracks, Nicki is finally having her fair share of the limelight. With her impenetrable rapping skills, she pulls off her debut album jam-packed with potential hits. One track that particularly stood out from the bunch is ‘Save Me’ which shows Nicki’s vulnerable side amidst all those hip-hop angst she’s been showing us all along.

‘Save Me’ basically, is the best track from her album as she escorts us to the next level with the track’s electropop smoothness. Not to mention she has an amazing singing voice, she really is the one to be watched for the coming years.

Buy ‘Save Me’ along with the other 12 stunning tracks on Nicki’s debut album, ‘Pink Friday’ released November 22nd.


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