TBR’s Best Singles of 2010: Part Three

Alright folks! Less than 24 hours for me till the big night. I really can’t believe that 2010 is over in just a few hours! That means we all should enjoy ourselves for one last time this 2010. And my New Year’s gift to you is the full compilation of the blog’s BEST SINGLES of 2010 in 1 single FILE.

Below is this year’s biggest 10 singles according to my single-hotness-o-meter. Never mind, just enjoy!

NICKI MINAJ feat. EMINEM – Roman’s Revenge

Nicki is surely pop and hip hop music’s biggest newcomer this year. She has everything going on for her, a successful début album selling almost 700,000 copies in just a few weeks. Outstanding image that would challenge Lady GaGa’s creativity. I’m starting to believe she’s gonna be the most successful hip-hop female artist ever. And mind you, behind all those angsty rapping skills – she has a marvelous singing voice. Just brilliant.


There’s something about Ellie’s voice that will always pull you in when you hear her sing. With the early 2010 hit, ‘Starry Eyed’ her vocals combined with an electropop dance undercurrents it’s undeniable she deserves all the glitter and spotlight she’s been getting this year.


DAFT PUNK – Derezzed

I’ve been always looking up to Daft Punk as Electrodance Gods. Their influence over today’s pop musical geniuses are clear in myriad ways. ‘Derezzed’ is a perfect example about how they deserved their titles. IDK, but it’s just f*cking brilliant!I just wish there should’ve been an extended mix or something. That 1:44 glory is epic.

KATY PERRY – Teenage Dream

Miss Katy Perry had an absolute blast this year didn’t she? Her sophomore album, ‘Teenage Dream’ was a massive success and all of her singles are gaining its own platinum certifications worldwide. Her best song off ‘TD’ luckily is a single and it’s every teenager’s anthem this year that’s why it totally deserved a spot right here in the top 10. Well done Katy!


Jessica Cornish has just began her fight in the music industry late this year when she released her début, ‘Do It Like A Dude’ and I tell you, she’s got it. Already winning an award for the next year is somehow a statement this British lady is going to be big. ‘Do It Like A Dude’ – her preliminary offering never failed to introduce Jessie’s character as a singer. Her vocal range is versatile and if you haven’t heard her other songs – I suggest you do it first before you criticise me for putting her in the top 10.

HURTS – Wonderful Life

The band’s eccentricity has always been a major plus for them. Being good pals with Australian pop goddess Kylie Minogue, HURTS has managed to pull off their Disco Lento style. ‘Wonderful Life’ gives off a synthy, melancholic pop greatness engulfed in Theo Hutchcraft’s suave vocals – it’s really not bad at all.

BRUNO MARS – Just The Way You Are

No ample amount of words can describe how amazing this track is. Although I’m pretty tired of it because of overplaying.

ROBYN – Dancing On My Own

Robyn. Oh Robyn. She’s just the best out there isn’t she? The heartbreak dance queen stomped every club in the world with her fantastic, melancholic and bass thumping beats of ‘Dancing On My Own’ alongside with the stunning performance of the ‘Body Talk’ series. Who cannot resist this pop marvel?

EMINEM featuring RIHANNA – Love The Way You Lie

Eminem killed it this year. Period.


CEE LO GREEN – Forget You (F*ck You)

Alright folks, it’s our #1 song of the year. I mean, who wouldn’t agree? Even though it’s a track about resentment, ‘Forget You’ or ‘Fuck You’ ironically redirects us from its message to something enjoyable from beginning to end. Incorporated with Cee Lo’s ever soulful vocals, ‘Fuck You’ has every quality a ‘song of the year’ can have. Brilliant.

AND THAT, I BID EVERYONE a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! You can now download the FULL Playlist HERE.

If you failed to see the rest of the countdown here it is:

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