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Single Review: Duffy – Well, Well, Well

Welsh soul singing sensation Duffy is one of the few artists that aren’t easy to like from first listen. I can vividly remember when she first came into the music spotlight back in 2008 with her debut smash single, ‘Mercy’ – from then on Duffy became a worldwide phenomenon. With numerous awards accompanying her success including a Grammy Award you can absolutely bet on it she’ll deliver exceptional music anytime.

‘Well, Well, Well’ is the first single off Aimee Ann Duffy’s sophomore LP titled ‘Endlessly’. ‘Well, Well, Well’ is no ‘Mercy’ but still has her rich, soulful unique vocals embedded in it. The track having its same structure as most of Duffy’s songs in her previous LP, ‘Well’ attracts many listeners  with its sultry, big band production incorporated with an infectious chorus tagline. Dancy, upbeat and with a little touch of soul – it’s too early to say but I think we already have another hit here.



RELEASED: November 21st, 2010



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Single Review: Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go (+Music Video)

Ever since Mike Posner came unto the spotlight with a swaggery, angst-filled R&B anthem turned into a monster smash, I had laid my ears on him since. The 22 year-old alumnus from Duke University is conquering charts all over the world. With a smash single, pretty much satisfactory debut LP he’s got everything going on and we all know, his music isn’t that hard to like. The track ‘Please Don’t Go’ pretty much sums up every greatness Mike showered on his debut – an electronic pop smash stomper growing every time you play it. That’s the quality you’d want to have in today’s pop male artists – combined with every bit of the necessary swagger that doesn’t make him a bit all too cocky.

All things aside, the fact that this is co-produced by one of the most sought after music producers, Benny Blanco whom of which helped to make hits like ‘California Gurls’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘Tik Tok’ among others possible is on heck of an anthem. Consider this as Mike’s best possible hit on his debut record as ‘Please Don’t Go’ generates every bit electronic hype, combined with a lil’ bit of hip-hop influence squirming around in the track’s atmosphere – you’d likely be hearing this song in clubs, radios for a long time if God permits. And for the record, I’d be utterly devastated if this doesn’t become a monster hit.




RELEASED: September 6, 2010 (US Radio)

LABEL: J Records

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Single Review: Ke$ha – We R Who We R

Guess who’s the bitch that’s back? You’ve got it right, it’s the severely autotuned, party animal Ke$ha Sebert (with a ‘$’) with her brand new single that doesn’t give us anything but ‘Tik Tok’-ish era once again. Well, what do you expect to come out from her? At least she’s releasing some good stuff right? The new single, ‘We R Who We R’ is just one of the gazillion tracks that leaked following the release of her smashing drunky album ‘Animal’ earlier this year.

The truth is, ‘We R Who We R’ isn’t such a bad track. Clearly, its influences may come from a bit of Katy Perry’s, and the hook reminds us of Wynter Gordon’s dysfunctional single, ‘Dirty Talk’ – which hardly gained any popularity since its release. Its calibre isn’t something you’d jump out of your seat but its pop-friendly attitude makes it easily likable in myriad ways. I’m not saying Ke$ha’s a good artist whom we all need in our pop music lives but admit it, it’s good to have a guilty pleasure sometimes eh?

‘We R Who We R’ is the first single off Sebert’s new EP, ‘Cannibal’ to be released November 22nd.

RELEASED: 25th October 2010



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DAILY BEAT: Lights – My Boots

Valerie Poxleitner a.k.a Lights might be still unknown to many but the truth is, she has an unwavering potential in every little thing she does. From the soulful, synthy and dreamy waves of ‘Saviour’ – her first offering, the 23-year old Canadian singer has gone electro-synth in her latest offering, ‘My Boots’.

The new single, which is off from her sophomore studio album is already out in the Canadian iTunes Store and is selling like hotcakes. The synthy, dance inflicted soon-to-be hit redefines Valerie’s style into something more pop culture embracing musicality. With an infectious beat backing up every line, this is Valerie’s best offering yet. And she’s like all the other brilliant artists who’re waiting to be recognised and we’ll wait for it whatever it takes.




RELEASED: 12th October 2010

LABEL: Universal Music Canada




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SINGLE REVIEW: Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (+Music Video Preview)

We do seem to be enjoying Katy Purry lately right? After giving us the utterly sweet-tastic ride on ‘California Gurls’, Miss Perry continues to deliver straight cut summer pop music to our hungry ears. Her ability to sing the most addicting pop songs of today is quite exquisite. ‘Teenage Dream’, Perry’s second album is already gearing up on its release and the new single with the same title is absolutely amazing. Plus, if you’ve seen the pics for the music video – you’d be forgetting you were a fan of that creepy monster which I think you know who I’m talking about.

I just don’t get why people are starting compare the track to ‘California Gurls’ – well I actually don’t find any similarities except that they’re both smash tracks and are top calibre pop track suited for most pop people. At least from what I understand, ‘Teenage Dream’ sulks you in to enjoy a teenage life you’d just wanted to have. Skinny dipping, putting hands on your skinny jeans stuff,  going drunk on Cali Beach and enjoying a carefree life – it’s an escape from the reality almost all of us wanted to get out of. Well, all I’m saying is that it’s f*cking brilliant with no strings attached.

Below is the official lyric video for ‘Teenage Dream’ uploaded on Katy’s YouTube channel. It’s somehow a sneak peak of what to expect on a pretty amazing video for such an amazing track. Looks like Mister Russel Brand is going to be jealous with the ‘hot guy’ whom she’s been flirting with. I have a strong feeling this is going to be as mega or better than ‘California Gurls’. We’ve got ourselves a WORLDWIDE smash darlings!


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Single Review: Robyn – Hang With Me

Miss Robyn Carlson has been consistently in our playlist during the last few months as she bombarded us with a fantastic introduction to an epic trilogy to be released this year. Her first offering, ‘Body Talk Pt. 1’ contained one of the best pop songs of 2010, ‘Dancing On My Own’- which I’m convinced will be a headliner in most bloggers’ year-end countdowns. The Swedish star is already getting ready to prepare for the release of the second installment, ‘Part 2’. Part of which is the release of a new single, ‘Hang With Me’.

If you can remember, ‘Hang With Me’ was included in Body Talk Pt.1 as an acoustic version which kind of melted us from the string array of bass heavy, upbeat tunes produced in most of her 8-track EP. She’s audacious enough to give us the original version of ‘Hang With Me’ as the next EP’s lead single. Similar to ‘Dancing On My Own’ the club-ish tunes never disappeared in this 3 and a half minute stomper. It’s overflowing with lovable synths and well constructed verses delivered to put justice on the acoustic version we heard in Body Talk Pt. 1. Well, this I must say is very addicting – similar to what we’ve learned to love in ‘DOMO’.

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DAILY BEAT: KT Tunstall – Push That Knot Away (+Music Video)

Okay, Miss Big Black Horse and the Cherry Tree is officially back! Scottish pop/rock/folk singer KT Tunstall graces us again with her new sound after 3 years of absence. A new track, ‘Push That Knot Away’ will be released as the lead single off her new album ‘Tiger Suit’ to be released 20th September in the United Kingdom.

The 35-year old songstress maybe best known for her melodic, pop folk songs that pokes every emotion out of anyone who hears it. After 2007’s ‘Drastic Fantastic’ KT pushes to a new level of pop/rock music as she incorporated loads of electric guitars and drum beats into most of her tracks.

Miss Katherine Victoria Tunstall continues to bring us with heavy electric guitar driven tracks with ‘Push That Knot Away’. It’s definitely not one of those blues tracks she used to record back in 2004, instead it follows the footsteps of ‘Drastic Fantastic’ with its somehow rocky, edgy feeling incorporated with a fantastic chorus. It may sound country at parts but the result of the 3-year absence is somehow favourable.

Here’s the official music video for your consumption. Although I’m thinking this is only a buzz single.

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