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People making lists…

Alright ladies and gents, it’s time for a proper blog post. Just to update you for what’s going to happen to the blog. I know I haven’t been doing my blogging duties these past few months LOADS of MUSIC coming in and there’s so little to no time to even say something about a track.

So it’s a little more than 2 weeks till the month and year is over so I’m making my final playlist for the year. To be fair, this will contain 30 outstanding tracks this amazing year has heard. I’ll put up the compilation for download with semi-commentaries on each track and this will be available for an unlimited time.

I’m sure a lot of you have been making your lists on who’s the best and the hottest this year and I think we may agree to some or most of them right? Rest assured this is a promise and I’m really putting in my full effort on this final project of the year. Be sure to check the blog on DECEMBER 26th, 2010 12AM GMT for the complete list.


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It’s never too late… It’s the AUGUST 2010 Playlist!

Oh yes, August ain’t officially over and what a way to treat this month in a nice way is to groove into some of the best upcoming hits. This month’s playlist is one of the best the blog’s ever offered and it’s a sure thing you’ll like this. And as usual, songs are randomly selected and are picked for your usual consumption.

Here are the tracks that made the cut:

1. Taio Cruz – Dynamite (feat. Jennifer Lopez)
2. Kanye West – Power (Remix feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz)
3. Roll Deep – Green Light
4. Robyn – Hang With Me (Radio Version)
5. The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die (Acoustic Version)
6. Sky Ferreira – Obsession
7. Taylor Swift – Mine (International Version)
8. Natalia Kills – Mirrors
9. Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait
10. Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – 2012
11. Jazmine Sullivan – Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles) feat. Mary J. Blige
12. HURTS – Wonderful Life
13. Far Eastern Movement – Like a G6
14. Natasha Bedingfield – Strip Me
15. The Script – For The First Time
16. Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are
17. Laza Morgan – This Girl
18. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Dave Aude Radio Edit)

Head on over to our TUMBLR!

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Get outta my way!… It’s the July 2010 PLAYLIST!

Hep hep! This month isn’t just over yet! As you may all know if you’re a follower on Twitter. I’ve been absobloodylutely busy with uni during the past few weeks and because of that, I ain’t able to post new reviews, chart updates or anything worth reading for. So before I forget, here’s this month’s selection.

1. Maroon 5 – Misery
2. Robyn – Don’t Fucking Tell me What To Do
3. Professor Green ft. Lily Allen – Just Be Good To Green
4. Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix)
5. Roll Deep – Green Light (Extended Mix)
6. Usher ft. Pitbull – DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love
7. Kylie – Get Outta My Way
8. Kelly Rowland – Grown Woman
9. Flo Rida – Club Can’t Handle Me (feat. David Guetta)
10. 3OH!3 – Deja Vu
11. KT Tunstall – Push That Knot Away
12. Tino Coury – Diary
13. Eminem ft. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
14. Katy Perry – E.T. (Futuristic Lover)
15. Stephen Jerzak feat. Leighton Meester – She Said
16. Fefe Dobson – Ghost
17. Christina Aguilera – You Lost Me (Radio Mix)
18. Sky Sailing – Brielle
19. Chris Brown – Deuces (feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall)
20. The Saturdays – Missing You (Cahill Radio Mix)

For those who still don’t have any idea, the playlist is for promotional purposes only. Links are going to be available for a limited amount of time only. The blog’s dumpster is a good place to search for it. Without further ado, visit the blog’s TUMBLR. Remember, for a LIMITED time only!

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Sun-Kissed Skin so Hot It’ll Melt Your Popsicle: It’s the June 2010 PLAYLIST!

Okay, I really had a hard time finding time to build this up. Another year in the Uni just started and SUMMER here is OVER. But for most of ya’ll, things are just starting to heat things up. So to help you groove on your feet, here’s THE 2010 JUNE PLAYLIST. Freshly picked for your consumption.

Here are the songs:

1. Lena Meyer-Landrut – Satellite
2. Christina Aguilera – Woohoo
3. Diana Vickers – The Boy Who Murdered Love
4. Fanfarlo – Atlas [Remix]
5. Tom Dice – Me & My Guitar
6. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
7. Travie McCoy – We’ll Be Alright
8. Kylie – All The Lovers [Alternative Radio Edit]
9. Auburn feat. Iyaz – La La La
10. Goldfrapp – Alive [Dave Aude Radio Edit]
11. Sia – Clap Your Hands
12. Cody Simpson – Iyiyi (feat. Flo Rida)
13. Marina & The Diamonds – Oh No!
14. Alexandra Burke – Start Without You
15. Sky Ferreira – One
16. Natasha Bedingfield – Touch
17. Ne-Yo – Beautiful Monster
18. Kanye West – Power
19. K’Naan – Wavin’ Flag
20. Travis Garland – Airplanes 3.0
ENJOY and this will be available for a LIMITED time only. So support your favourite artists by buying their records.


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Stuck On Repeat: It’s TBR’s May 2010 Playlist!

1. Lady GaGa – Alejandro (Dave Aude Mixshow)
Oh. It’s a mixshow! Yes ladies and gents. Lady GaGa’s new single ‘Alejandro’ may not be my favourite choice as a single but the remixes are on fire. Dave Aude defo put a lot of effort in this one!

2. Katy Perry – California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Miss Katy to the Perry is absolutely back with another smash. Oh yes but don’t even dare mistake it as Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’. The song’s an impending summer hit as the song imply there’s sex on the beach, melting some popsicles and more. The track’s included on Katy’s new LP to be released this August titled ‘Teenage Dream’. This should be mega yeah? Yeah.

3. Charice – Nothing
My favourite track from the Filipina singer’s debut LP, this could actually be a potential hit. Although quite brilliant – it’s only one of the few tracks on her LP that did stand out. Are we looking at a smaller version of Jordin here?

4. Sia – Clap Your Hands (Diplo Mix)
Possibly one of the best remixes of Sia’s brand new track. Diplo possibly did justice to the track. Thumping basses, sick synths and massive arrangement – you might just want to dance to this.

5. Robyn – Dancing On My Own (Buzz Junkies Mix)

Her album might be a bore (half of it does suck.) but Miss Robyn Carlsson has a hit under her way. ‘Dancing On My Own’ should or definitely be big anytime soon and I’ll be utterly depressed if it wouldn’t. How about a smashing club mix for ya’ll courtesy of Buzz Junkies eh? Wicked!

6. Taio Cruz – Dynamite
Teeeiioo Cruz’s new single from his refurbished 2009 album ‘Rokstarr’. The album is getting a whole new look for the US audience as Taio recently cracked the Billboard with his UK#1 hit ‘Break Your Heart’. Another proper track!

7. Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed
So when did your favourite blonde Disney pop star Hannah Montana became a sick, fierce, winged animal? Oh yes, it’s Miley Cyrus bulging into becoming a dirrtyyy pop star. I still don’t like her, but heck this track’s hot!

8. N*E*R*D – Hot-N-Fun (feat. Nelly Furtado)
The title pretty much says it all. Yes – its’ actually true!

9. Kelly Rowland – Commander

I’m going to be utterly dismayed if this bitch’s new LP would be full of David Guetta produced tracks. Even though ‘Commander’ is a David Guetta’s child – it’s a total club smash with potential of shattering glasses in the future. Well, Honey B can certainly kiss Kelly’s arse with this one. Nice one Kells!

10. Eminem – Not Afraid
It’s actually a pleasure hearing something decent from Marshall Mathers. His previous hit ‘We Made You’ was an utter pile of shite and you can agree with me on that. The new single, ‘Not Afraid’ is something more serious, substantial and a decent rap/hip-hop track with elaborated beats and a hook that’s quite infectious. I say well done mate!

11. Alphabeat – DJ (I Could Be Dancing)
Well you should actually go dancing to this track. It’s pretty much one of the best tracks off their latest LP – although I’m still quite depressed over the fact that they don’t achieve the mainstream success they absolutely deserved.

12. Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars – Billionaire
Formerly known as Travis McCoy from the American Hip-Hop/Rock group Gym Class Heroes – Katy Perry’s ex teamed up with our recently featured artist, Bruno Mars on this hip-hop gem. The reggae inspired undercurrents, supported with an infectious hook from Bruno, I’m pretty sure this track will climb its way up to the charts in no time.

13. Scissor Sisters – Fire With Fire
Recently, the American band unveiled one of their best tracks off their latest album yet, ‘Invisible Light’ – a 6 minute slick pop gem. The first official single, ‘Fire With Fire’ is an utter deviation from the disco pop anthem presented by ‘Invisible Light’. The single, sports a different sound but still possessed a quality that the Scissor Sisters can only approve of. Yes, I’m convinced that ‘Fire With Fire’ can be a hit – of course not in their hometown.

14. Sara Bareilles – King of Anything

Unfortunately, I was not convinced by this new hyped single from Miss Bareilles. The California born songstress indeed put a lavishing effort on her debut CD, which can be included as one of the most influential pop albums of the noughties. Her brilliance in delivering slick piano pop anthems is such a feat and ‘King of Anything’ doesn’t deny that. Yet, if you’re not convinced still – this will grow on you, no doubt.

15. M.I.A. – XXXO
As I’ve said in the review of the track posted last week, ‘XXXO’ is simply just f*cking brilliant. It’s totally different from the rebellious rock feeling presented by the utterly controversial ‘Born Free’. I think she’s starting try to fit in today’s pop doesn’t she?

(click the album cover to download the playlist -LIMITED TIME ONLY)


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It’s back! TBR’s April 2010 Playlist!

Missed our monthly playlist? Well, it’s back and it’s our best yet. These tracks are randomly selected and are not ranked so. Enjoy while it lasts.

1. School Gyrls – Something like A Party
I really did take back what I said on twitter about weeks ago that I’d never want to try listening to these girls. But since a friend insisted about this and it just keeps on showing up the inbox, I said ‘Why not?’ and there it goes. It’s really not that hard to like the track. Although these girls still need a total makeover.

2. Orianthi – Shut Up & Kiss Me

This Australian rocker chick really has what it takes to become one of our favourite pop/rock stars. She just needs to make her songs more pop and maybe collaborate with more hit-making people. All in a while she’s got the guts and mind you, ‘Shut up & Kiss Me’ is something you’d really want to hear from her. Great.

3. Neon Trees – Animal
Slick-cut-throat-bad-ass track. This got to be one of my favourites from the new and upcoming band, Neon Trees.

4. Jupiter – Vox Populi (Lifelike Treatment)
Probably one of the best tracks off the Kitsune Maison Compilation 9, the French duo who are most famous as electro dance funk artist and are starting to make waves in the bizz. They’re still quite unknown as of today but they already have an EP under their name and are making bad-ass remixes for artists such as Two Door Cinema Club and Chew Lips. ‘Vox Populi’ is the band’s first single and is proving to be one of those tracks that I’m going to be playing for a long time.

5. Girlicious – Maniac
The American trio which are moulded from the reality show that originally launched them as a quartet. Now the group’s first single without a fourth member is proving to be very effective. It’s more like of PCD except these girls know how to sing and not overpower each other and it doesn’t sound as sexually suggestive as some of PCD’s song which is good. And did I tell you ‘Maniac’ is going to be their first worldwide release? Can’t wait for the success.

6. Sky Ferreira – 17
Oh beautiful Sky. She stunned me upon hearing her first track ‘Happy Dre’. This girl has got everything going on. Just think of Miley Cyrus (not that much) but less the irritation. Of course she has a beautiful voice and to top it off a ridiculous fashion sense. I might just be in love again. Having said that, ‘17’ doesn’t do much an introduction to this 17-year-old soon to be talk of the town pop star. Let’s just wait and see the progress.

7. Mini Viva – One Touch
Talking about pop at its finest, it is actually Mini Viva’s best yet. And I would be utterly depressed if this doesn’t go top 10.

8. Taio Cruz – Dirty Picture (feat. Ke$ha)
Taio truly deserves his feat right now. Making #1 in the US with ‘Break Your Heart’ proves that the Brits also has the guts to do some good R&B and Hip-Hop music. ‘No Other One’, the sophomore single off the 2nd LP wasn’t a good choice hence it flopped. Now, with the always drunk Ke$ha steps in and gives Taio help. ‘Dirty Picture’ is a bad-ass track that would surely fire its way to the charts in to time again.

9. Mika – Kick-Ass
Talking about a Kick-Ass track! This RedOne produced track doesn’t seem to be one. Well certainly Mika makes it his own and does a good job with it. But it kind of bugs me that this is chosen as the main theme song? Well it doesn’t deserve that position that much though.

10. Chipmunk feat. Esmee Denters – Until You Were Gone
Chipmunk’s latest hit is an absolute stunner. Having said that, it doesn’t gear away from other Fraser Smith produced tracks. It may sound Taio Cruz in the background but it surely is one Chipmunk’s finest. I’ll bet that this might just go inside the top 5.

11. Kid Sister – Daydreaming
Already getting huge media attention today, Kid Sister is set to conquer the airwaves with her new single, ‘Daydreaming’. It’s being released on April 19th in the UK and I’m definitely digging it.

12. Cascada – Pyromania
I don’t actually like the fact that people are linking Cascada to be copiers of Lady GaGa’s music. It might be obvious that some of her songs might sound alike but the truth is, Cascada is making this kind of music way earlier than Lady GaGa started to bud out of her shell. Well, ‘Pyromania’ is a club banger and doesn’t disappoint with every hit. It’s pretty catchy too.

13. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Bittersweet (Freemasons Radio Edit)
This mix is pretty much than the original IMAO. It’s actually better than ‘Heartbreak’ if I may recall, which didn’t do fair in the singles charts. It’s definitely a brilliant record but it’s definitely not something that would most likely to stay inside the top 40 for quite some time even without going to #1.

14. B.o.B – Don’t Let Me Fall

His platinum-selling first single, ‘Nothin’ On You’ is still making airwaves but this new single, ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ doesn’t sound close to the former. The track somehow presents something melancholic yet exhibits an awesome lyrical content. You might compare this to something Kid Cudi would actually record but let’s see if this will receive the same accolade ‘Nothin’ On You’ had.

15. Fenech-Soler – Stop and Stare

Unarguably one of the best electronic records of the year, this unsigned three-piece synth masters knows how to mix and match. It’s addictive and you’ll give in soon enough.

DOWNLOAD the compilation (Limited Time Only)


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The January Playlist

Hoorah. It’s TBR’s January Playlist. It took for us for a while to get it into coming but here it is. We’ve selected 15 tracks that would be most likely making airwaves this month. There may be some indie tracks in the process but let’s see who makes the cut. We’ve zipped it up for your listening pleasure.

The tracks are randomly selected and they’re not in any order.

1. Roisin Murphy – Momma’s Place

The Irish singer-songwriter and former member of Moloko is back with a single. After ‘Orally Fixated’ getting fixated into unknown status last year, Roisin brings us another electrifying experience. ‘Momma’s Place’ is a groovy, jazz and electronic stomper.

2. Ke$ha feat. 3OH!3 – ‘Blah Blah Blah’

The song that couldn’t find any better title in Ke$ha’s ‘Animal’ album – that’s the best way to describe this song from the collaboration with American duo 3OH!3. It’s seriously infectious and would’ve been a possible #1 single. As much as the song suggests gibberish lyrics, the beat is definitely enough to make this a success. It’s something Katy Perry would sing and it’ll still be great.

3. Lady GaGa featuring Beyonce – ‘Telephone’

Already confirmed as the second single off from GaGa’s ‘The Fame Monster’ album, it promises to be a club banger. I think it’s actually fair to release this track because Beyonce first released their collaboration with the abominable video ‘Video Phone’. ‘Telephone’ a track produced by Darkchild is one of the best cuts from GG’s 2009 album – it actually did spice up the album as the track name suggests. Something you’d listen to in repeat for over a week.

4. Example – ‘Wont Go Quietly’

It’s a little bit obvious we like party tracks don’t we? Well, Example enhances our listening experience and gives us another party stomper. The hip-hop,electronic infused rhythms of ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ provides a better outlook on party music. The irresistible dance beats and electrifying synths definitely puts every stress behind our backs.

5. HURTS – ‘Blood, Tears & Gold’

After hearing this track, I only finally came to realise the HURTS’ full potential. With their clean cut looks, well polished suits, their music is something beyond that. Compared to other bands, they have substance and even though they can be very emotional with their tracks, HURTS’ never fails to introduce a new genre of music called ‘Slow Disco’ which is quite interesting the way they introduce it to us with an eclectic pace of music.

6. Gabriella Cilmi – ‘On A Mission’
As much as I’ve been disappointed with the music video, ‘On A Mission’ can still work. Only if you play it repeatedly with you wanting it to be good instilled in your mind. It may sound a bit too contrived but the effort to be better is still to be applauded. Although this might be a complete shock to utter fans of Gabi, her soul is still there and that’s what we should be expecting on her comeback album. It better be good or else.

7. Shontelle – ‘Impossible’

Gorgeous ballad alert! Well, it is indeed gorgeous. The comeback material from almost ‘one-hit wonder’ Shontelle is already coming our way. Rumoured to be the first official single off from her sophomore LP, ‘Impossible’ is simply gorgeous in every way. The Stargate produced track can sound good even in upbeat and in a melodic version. It’s just BRILLIANT. ‘nuff said.

8. Alphabeat – ‘Hole In My Heart’

I actually expected this would be a single but actually not soon enough. The electrifying beats filled with heart stomping basses accompanied with great vocals from the lead singers are unquestionably brilliant. It’s actually going to be a massive hit if only Alphabeat gets the right exposure. They should be given fair treatment with their great music.

9. Simon Curtis – ‘Diablo’

After the undeniably brilliant ‘Delusional’, Simon Curtis is up with another dance floor filling anthem. Sounding very Lady GaGa, Simon continues to be an exact epitome of a male POP star. I actually love how the song incorporates lyrics from different songs such as Kelly and Britney. Although the song’s overpowered with auto-tuned vocals it still manages to pull everything off. Danceable and radio friendly. Actually it really sounded like there were 10 songs in 1 track.

10. Delphic – ‘Doubt’

The more I listen to Delphic, the more I’m digging their music. I’ve been very much interested with bands that infuse electronic sound into their songs and for me it’s something I’d listen to for days without getting tired of it. The enigma produced by the song’s atmosphere isn’t surely to be missed and misinterpreted. ‘Doubt’ is actually carefully structured for it to become something epic and because of this Delphic has the guts to become one of the UK’s most successful bands.

11. Girls Can’t Catch – ‘Echo’

Seriously one of the best contenders to actually follow the footsteps of Girls Aloud are Girls Can’t Catch. After the feisty, electric pop sound of ‘Keep Your Head Up’, the second single ‘Echo’ provides a variety on their music. It has a killer chorus that provides a resounding ‘Echo, Echo, Echo’ but doesn’t get too irritating. It’s actually a midtempo ballad that combines an eclectic mix of pop and rock.
12. Sugababes – ‘Wear My Kiss’

The Sugababes for me are on a roll. Although many have turned their backs on Britain’s longest surviving girl band (although there aren’t any original members left), the name Sugababes are here to stay. Last week, their video for ‘Wear My Kiss’ already was previewed on Britain’s Channel 4. I must say, I’m quite impressed on the way their presenting themselves again to the music buying public. The song’s literally catchy and you’ll definitely wear this tune on your personal playlists for quite some time. And to be honest, it’s even better than that redone produced track, ‘About A Girl’.

13. Marina & the Diamonds – ‘Hollywood’

Already making an impact as the second placer on BBC’s Sound of 2010 poll, Welsh singer Marina Diamandis isn’t your ordinary pop star. Her official first single off from her debut LP is actually loveable in most ways. The message itself it quite dead on spot and shows another witty side of Marina. I just hope she gets what she deserves with this track. Just ace!

14. Vampire Weekend – ‘Horchata’

A song about a drink isn’t actually something we’d usually hear right? But Vampire Weekend introduces ‘Horchata’ to those people who don’t know what it is. Sounding like most of their tracks on ‘Contra’, ‘Vampire Weekend’ utilises their witty songwriting ability to create a cutesy sounding track.

15. Hot Chip – ‘One Life Stand’

These guys have been making ace tracks since the early noughties and they have been very successful in giving us their character in every track they produce. Although I must say, I am a bit disappointed with their last LP, ‘One Life Stand’ lives up to my expectations. A subtle, electro-pop number is a sure way of getting back into the pace. Brilliant.

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