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TBR’s Best Singles of 2010: Part Three

Alright folks! Less than 24 hours for me till the big night. I really can’t believe that 2010 is over in just a few hours! That means we all should enjoy ourselves for one last time this 2010. And my New Year’s gift to you is the full compilation of the blog’s BEST SINGLES of 2010 in 1 single FILE.

Below is this year’s biggest 10 singles according to my single-hotness-o-meter. Never mind, just enjoy!

NICKI MINAJ feat. EMINEM – Roman’s Revenge

Nicki is surely pop and hip hop music’s biggest newcomer this year. She has everything going on for her, a successful début album selling almost 700,000 copies in just a few weeks. Outstanding image that would challenge Lady GaGa’s creativity. I’m starting to believe she’s gonna be the most successful hip-hop female artist ever. And mind you, behind all those angsty rapping skills – she has a marvelous singing voice. Just brilliant.


There’s something about Ellie’s voice that will always pull you in when you hear her sing. With the early 2010 hit, ‘Starry Eyed’ her vocals combined with an electropop dance undercurrents it’s undeniable she deserves all the glitter and spotlight she’s been getting this year.


DAFT PUNK – Derezzed

I’ve been always looking up to Daft Punk as Electrodance Gods. Their influence over today’s pop musical geniuses are clear in myriad ways. ‘Derezzed’ is a perfect example about how they deserved their titles. IDK, but it’s just f*cking brilliant!I just wish there should’ve been an extended mix or something. That 1:44 glory is epic.

KATY PERRY – Teenage Dream

Miss Katy Perry had an absolute blast this year didn’t she? Her sophomore album, ‘Teenage Dream’ was a massive success and all of her singles are gaining its own platinum certifications worldwide. Her best song off ‘TD’ luckily is a single and it’s every teenager’s anthem this year that’s why it totally deserved a spot right here in the top 10. Well done Katy!


Jessica Cornish has just began her fight in the music industry late this year when she released her début, ‘Do It Like A Dude’ and I tell you, she’s got it. Already winning an award for the next year is somehow a statement this British lady is going to be big. ‘Do It Like A Dude’ – her preliminary offering never failed to introduce Jessie’s character as a singer. Her vocal range is versatile and if you haven’t heard her other songs – I suggest you do it first before you criticise me for putting her in the top 10.

HURTS – Wonderful Life

The band’s eccentricity has always been a major plus for them. Being good pals with Australian pop goddess Kylie Minogue, HURTS has managed to pull off their Disco Lento style. ‘Wonderful Life’ gives off a synthy, melancholic pop greatness engulfed in Theo Hutchcraft’s suave vocals – it’s really not bad at all.

BRUNO MARS – Just The Way You Are

No ample amount of words can describe how amazing this track is. Although I’m pretty tired of it because of overplaying.

ROBYN – Dancing On My Own

Robyn. Oh Robyn. She’s just the best out there isn’t she? The heartbreak dance queen stomped every club in the world with her fantastic, melancholic and bass thumping beats of ‘Dancing On My Own’ alongside with the stunning performance of the ‘Body Talk’ series. Who cannot resist this pop marvel?

EMINEM featuring RIHANNA – Love The Way You Lie

Eminem killed it this year. Period.


CEE LO GREEN – Forget You (F*ck You)

Alright folks, it’s our #1 song of the year. I mean, who wouldn’t agree? Even though it’s a track about resentment, ‘Forget You’ or ‘Fuck You’ ironically redirects us from its message to something enjoyable from beginning to end. Incorporated with Cee Lo’s ever soulful vocals, ‘Fuck You’ has every quality a ‘song of the year’ can have. Brilliant.

AND THAT, I BID EVERYONE a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! You can now download the FULL Playlist HERE.

If you failed to see the rest of the countdown here it is:

PART ONE(30-21)
PART TWO(20-11)


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TBR’s Best Singles of 2010: Part Two

Time for part two of our Best of 2010 list folks! Hope you enjoyed listening to the first 10 yesterday.

LENA – Satellite

The German winner of this year’s Eurovision might not be the favoured to win the whole thing but her little piece of pop goodness never failed to deliver. Feeling proud of her fake British accent while singing this European hit kinda worked out for her own good. It’s a catchy track that even non-Europeans can absolutely enjoy. And 28 million hits on YouTube? That’s not bad at all.

KANYE WEST feat. PUSHA T – Runaway

Although I have to admit, I hadn’t been able to catch up with Kanye’s full material to date, ‘Runaway’ the 9 minute highly acclaimed track caught me in my first listen. The lyrics are superb and the beat is ‘so-so’ – it can get as much controversy it likes but I will still stand by my decision that I’ll hate Kanye West forever. Although I’m in between when it comes to his music though.

MIKE POSNER – Please Don’t Go

Mike Posner has been under my radar since that swaggery anthem ‘Cooler Than Me’ surfaced earlier this year. I mean he’s absolutely not hard to like. An eyecandy, silky with a lil’ bit husk recording voice and an ample amount of swagger – he’s the next R&B lad who just gives off catchy, radio friendly tunes you’d be most likely to listen in full once it pops out on shuffle. Although his debut album speaks otherwise – Mike deserves another chance. Loads of chances, I must say.

P!NK – Raise Your Glass

P!nk continues to be one of my favourite pop/rock singers of her generation today. Well, I think most of us do like her that much. ‘Raise Your Glass’ is a squeaky piece of pop glory, with all of P!nk’s signature track bits – it’s actually too impossible not to like.



She can be trashy all she wants but heck, she makes good music with those scary looking blokes.

SIA – Clap Your Hands

Like Robyn, Sia remains one of the most underrated pop stars to date. And with ‘Clap Your Hands’ plus the magnificence of her latest LP, ‘We Are Born’ – she doesn’t deserve it.


TAIO CRUZ – Dynamite

This just shows that the Brits can do it as well. Plus, it’s a good song – you can’t deny that!


Okay. You might have guessed by now that I’m a sucker for Dance music. Oh well, you can’t blame me. Tunes like these keeps me alive! And I know you too as well.

TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB – Something Good Can Work

Maybe you’re wonderin’ what the heck are a Northern Irish indie band doing in this dance-music filled playlist? Oh well, something good can really work in yeah?

RIHANNA feat. DRAKE – What’s My Name?

‘Oh Na Na, What’s My Name?’ – that line has been stuck in my head for quite sometime. I have no idea why most of pop songs today that are big has some big hooks lying around their tracks. Maybe she’s back to the old Rihanna that we used to love that’s why she’s not easy to be liked these days.



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TBR’s Best Singles of 2010: Part One

Okay folks, this is THE BEAT REVIEW’s Top 30 of 2010 List. I can’t make the effort to select up to 100 because you all know how hard that is to carry out and I’m so preoccupied with a lot of stuff.

Since I sporadically posted monthly playlists throughout the year, might as well give you the last rundown of the 30 best songs that defined this year. 2010 has been an amazing year for most genres of music. We saw comebacks that flop so hard, amazing new artists that has shown tremendous potential and the comebacks that proved they are really worth of the music limelight.

My last treat for y’all is the ability to download all 30 songs towards the end of the three-part series. The first part will be published today (#30 – 21), the second part on the 29th (#20 – 11) and the third part on the 30th (#10-1). So be sure to check out the blog on the next 3 days to see who’s in or who’s out in our 2010 Year-End list.


The American rock quartet has proven their eccentricity to be something very useful to their advantage. ‘Giving Up The Gun’ – Contra‘s most pop sounding tune is a brilliant one. And it represented their album’s premise perfectly.

MINI VIVA – One Touch

Mini Viva, one of British pop music’s biggest frustration this year may have split up but their last single as a duo, ‘One Touch’ proved to be their best. Every bit of pop music sweetness sums up this track and we’re still in mourning over the loss of one of the best pop duos that never came.

PLAN B – Prayin’

Plan B’s combination of hip-hop and soul never didn’t jive in together especially with the Mark Ronson’ sounding production – ‘Prayin’ is one heck of an anthem.


ROSANNA – Waterfall

Popjustice Hi-Fi first ever release is absolutely a treat to the senses. A piece of melancholic classic Swedish pop tune – it cruises its way to your playlists in just a glance. Like a Waterfall, Rosanna should be flowing through the mainstream with ease with this kind of pop genius.


SKY FERREIRA – Obsession

Sky is the exact epitome of a natural-born popstar. She’s got the looks, the voice and everything unconventional you can imagine. Maybe if the tweens listened a lot more to this lass, the world might be a better place to live in.


DRAKE feat. ALICIA KEYS – Fireworks

Drake’s own style of producing hip hop music might be meh for others but the truth is, he has an amazing singing voice and a one heck of rapping skills. Combined with Miss Alicia’s soulful vocals, ‘Fireworks’ sets its pace uphill as it reaches the skies with its magnificence.


The 50’s dancehall influenced track is a nice introduction on how things work for Miss Eliza Doolittle. The British songstress cleverly instills classic decades music into her cotton candy flourished music pieces. It might not be an original concept but the fact that she pulls up a fight in the pop charts is a nice way to say that at most points, ‘it works’.


The only Asian group so far to top international charts has proven their abilities in their début effort, ‘Free Wired’. The catchiness of ‘Like A G6’ is clear way to say that hip-hop music isn’t for black and white people only. It absolutely knows no race at this point.


Damon Albarn and his animated friends came back with a bang this year. One of Gorillaz’ catchiest tracks ever, the basslines are superb with Mos Def’s perfectly fitted verses towards the endings of the track – it surely does deserve a spot on our list.


We can’t deny that Ke$ha always comes up with infectiously addictive tunes that always put out a good fight in the pop charts but the truth is, I always associated the word ‘AUTOTUNE’ with the word, ‘KE$HA’. It just won’t turn out good if the two weren’t together.



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People making lists…

Alright ladies and gents, it’s time for a proper blog post. Just to update you for what’s going to happen to the blog. I know I haven’t been doing my blogging duties these past few months LOADS of MUSIC coming in and there’s so little to no time to even say something about a track.

So it’s a little more than 2 weeks till the month and year is over so I’m making my final playlist for the year. To be fair, this will contain 30 outstanding tracks this amazing year has heard. I’ll put up the compilation for download with semi-commentaries on each track and this will be available for an unlimited time.

I’m sure a lot of you have been making your lists on who’s the best and the hottest this year and I think we may agree to some or most of them right? Rest assured this is a promise and I’m really putting in my full effort on this final project of the year. Be sure to check the blog on DECEMBER 26th, 2010 12AM GMT for the complete list.

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Alive and Kickin’: It’s The OCTOBER 2010 Playlist!

Brace yourselves lovies, here’s one playlist you’d put on repeat for months! xx

1.  Katy Perry – Firework
Probably one of the best songs in Katy’s LP, this track has everything going on – outstanding lyrics, a massive dosage of club beats – what’s more enticing than this? ‘Make ‘em go up, as you shoot across the sky’ – kinda cheesy but who cares? This is a real feel-good track.

2. Far East Movement – Girls On The Dancefloor
They may be known for their bad arse party animal lifestyle but these Asian-American lads know how to deliver brilliant, massive hip-hop beats. You can give ‘em your hate but there’s not stopping these lads from taking over the world and what an awesome way to start cracking the charts by conquering the country with the largest music industry. Cherrytree – you’ve just put your money into some worth here.

3. Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World)
I was petrified when Rihanna suddenly evolved into this monster, blood craving, psycho-looking person last year after her reported beating up from former beau Chris Brown. It’s good she’s back with a bit of a more wholesome image and a banging single to match that up.

4. Ke$ha – We R Who We R
Sometimes you have to admit that you have a guilty pleasure you’ve been indulging secretly and Ke$ha’s is just one of ‘em. Her new single, ‘We R Who We R’ doesn’t veer much away from the sound of ‘Tik Tok’ but at least she’s giving us undoubtly likable tracks suited for everybody’s consumption nowadays.

5. Lights – My Boots
You’ll just never know what she’ll offer next. ‘My Boots’ is still synthy, but its electro-pop influence surely overpowers her former sound. Brilliant change of style and yet she retains her identity. You just gotta love this girl.

6. Brandon Flowers – Only The Young
At first, we were all pretty much scared that The Killers might have split up but then we see the bright side of it, that is Brandon Flowers is releasing music as a solo artist. ‘Crossfire’ was incredible and this brand new track isn’t bad either. Doesn’t look like that it is going to be a world smash but this track has something that’s quite listenable to all folks.

7. Cee Lo Green – Forget You
Known to many as ‘Fuck You’ – this track puts a smile on your face whenever you hear it. Ironically, it’s a screw you song but it grows to us like a pocketful of sunshine in every play.

8. Pixie Lott – Broken Arrow
Hearing Pixie’s re-released LP, ‘Broken Arrow’ isn’t my initial choice as a single to an album titled ‘Turn It Up Louder’ – but ‘Broken Arrow’ just made the cut as this track shows Pixie’s amazing vocals and an irresistible chorus which at the same time makes you sob.

9. The Ting Tings – Hands
Didn’t really want to comment about this but yeah, The Ting Tings are back and we all can’t wait for their new LP.

10. Sky Ferreira – Obsession
I guess I have to admit I have an obsession for this 17 year-old’s music. She’s just likable in myriad ways and as I have said before think of Miley but shave off her irritating tween image. Pure brilliance.

11. Tinie Tempah – Wonderman (feat. Ellie Goulding)
Ellie + Tinie Tempah = odd but Brilliant pairing.

12. Kelly Rowland – Forever and A Day
Let’s just say I’d wait forever and a day just to hear Miss Kelendria’s new record based on this one eh?

13. Nuhdeen Coyle – Insatiable
Look what we’ve got here then? The Irish songstress waiting for her shot of spotlight in the music business – definitely away from Girls Aloud. ‘Insatiable’ isn’t exactly what you’d expect as a debut effort from Nadine but it’s very convincing and more worthy of emulation to say the least.

14. Maroon 5 – Give A Little More

15. The Wanted – Heart Vacancy
It saddens me why these lads had to pose naked in every gay magazine in the UK to get attention. At least they give good music – that’s what’s more important to me then.

16. Kings of Leon – Radioactive
This track sparks the long-awaited comeback from an American band who’s as big as f*ck in every part of the world except their home country. ‘Radioactive’ is a smart single choice but isn’t particularly the first one you’d patronise from their new bad-ass LP, ‘Come Around Sundown’. Hear the LP for yourselves mates.

17. Cheryl Cole – Promise This
I still don’t get why I’m a sucker for Cheryl Cole. I mean, this song isn’t top notch but I think most us like it right? Even though the new album sports a lot of massive potential, I still don’t get Cheryl’s image as an artist. She’s already been just the cutesy little pop star slash judge slash ex-wife of a footballer slash prettiest face on earth thing right?

18. Shontelle – Perfect Nightmare
I think I’m quite surprised to see a Shontelle track inside this month’s playlist. After frustrating me with the super late success of ‘Impossible’, Her new album sports some awesome tracks that definitely needs some recognition. One of them is ‘Perfect Nightmare’ as the track caresses us with an R&B piano-inflicted verse then evolves into something fiery, feisty and dancy that sulks in every bit of pop greatness as it emerges into the chorus. Pretty good one, I must say.

19. Enrique Iglesias feat. Nicole Scherzinger  – Heartbeat
Well, this track from Scherzy and Enrique is prolly the best from his new album, Euphoria. And have you seen that video? Oh God – that’s what I call chemistry.

20. P!nk – Raise Your Glass
Oh. Don’t be surprised this made the cut. She’s just bad-ass as always and we love it.


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DOWNLOAD THIS: Ke$ha offers ‘We R Who We R’ for free

Kesha Sebert is now offering her new single ‘We R Who We R’ up for grabs on her official website with an exchange for your email signing up on her mailing list. ‘We R Who We R’ is the first single off Ke$ha’s new EP ‘Cannibal’ to be released 22nd November in the US. I still don’t know why she’s doing this but at least you’ve got some freebie out there so grab it like a Cannibal, I must say.



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It’s never too late… It’s the AUGUST 2010 Playlist!

Oh yes, August ain’t officially over and what a way to treat this month in a nice way is to groove into some of the best upcoming hits. This month’s playlist is one of the best the blog’s ever offered and it’s a sure thing you’ll like this. And as usual, songs are randomly selected and are picked for your usual consumption.

Here are the tracks that made the cut:

1. Taio Cruz – Dynamite (feat. Jennifer Lopez)
2. Kanye West – Power (Remix feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz)
3. Roll Deep – Green Light
4. Robyn – Hang With Me (Radio Version)
5. The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die (Acoustic Version)
6. Sky Ferreira – Obsession
7. Taylor Swift – Mine (International Version)
8. Natalia Kills – Mirrors
9. Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait
10. Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj – 2012
11. Jazmine Sullivan – Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles) feat. Mary J. Blige
12. HURTS – Wonderful Life
13. Far Eastern Movement – Like a G6
14. Natasha Bedingfield – Strip Me
15. The Script – For The First Time
16. Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are
17. Laza Morgan – This Girl
18. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Dave Aude Radio Edit)

Head on over to our TUMBLR!

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