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Stuck On Repeat: It’s TBR’s May 2010 Playlist!

1. Lady GaGa – Alejandro (Dave Aude Mixshow)
Oh. It’s a mixshow! Yes ladies and gents. Lady GaGa’s new single ‘Alejandro’ may not be my favourite choice as a single but the remixes are on fire. Dave Aude defo put a lot of effort in this one!

2. Katy Perry – California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Miss Katy to the Perry is absolutely back with another smash. Oh yes but don’t even dare mistake it as Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’. The song’s an impending summer hit as the song imply there’s sex on the beach, melting some popsicles and more. The track’s included on Katy’s new LP to be released this August titled ‘Teenage Dream’. This should be mega yeah? Yeah.

3. Charice – Nothing
My favourite track from the Filipina singer’s debut LP, this could actually be a potential hit. Although quite brilliant – it’s only one of the few tracks on her LP that did stand out. Are we looking at a smaller version of Jordin here?

4. Sia – Clap Your Hands (Diplo Mix)
Possibly one of the best remixes of Sia’s brand new track. Diplo possibly did justice to the track. Thumping basses, sick synths and massive arrangement – you might just want to dance to this.

5. Robyn – Dancing On My Own (Buzz Junkies Mix)

Her album might be a bore (half of it does suck.) but Miss Robyn Carlsson has a hit under her way. ‘Dancing On My Own’ should or definitely be big anytime soon and I’ll be utterly depressed if it wouldn’t. How about a smashing club mix for ya’ll courtesy of Buzz Junkies eh? Wicked!

6. Taio Cruz – Dynamite
Teeeiioo Cruz’s new single from his refurbished 2009 album ‘Rokstarr’. The album is getting a whole new look for the US audience as Taio recently cracked the Billboard with his UK#1 hit ‘Break Your Heart’. Another proper track!

7. Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed
So when did your favourite blonde Disney pop star Hannah Montana became a sick, fierce, winged animal? Oh yes, it’s Miley Cyrus bulging into becoming a dirrtyyy pop star. I still don’t like her, but heck this track’s hot!

8. N*E*R*D – Hot-N-Fun (feat. Nelly Furtado)
The title pretty much says it all. Yes – its’ actually true!

9. Kelly Rowland – Commander

I’m going to be utterly dismayed if this bitch’s new LP would be full of David Guetta produced tracks. Even though ‘Commander’ is a David Guetta’s child – it’s a total club smash with potential of shattering glasses in the future. Well, Honey B can certainly kiss Kelly’s arse with this one. Nice one Kells!

10. Eminem – Not Afraid
It’s actually a pleasure hearing something decent from Marshall Mathers. His previous hit ‘We Made You’ was an utter pile of shite and you can agree with me on that. The new single, ‘Not Afraid’ is something more serious, substantial and a decent rap/hip-hop track with elaborated beats and a hook that’s quite infectious. I say well done mate!

11. Alphabeat – DJ (I Could Be Dancing)
Well you should actually go dancing to this track. It’s pretty much one of the best tracks off their latest LP – although I’m still quite depressed over the fact that they don’t achieve the mainstream success they absolutely deserved.

12. Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars – Billionaire
Formerly known as Travis McCoy from the American Hip-Hop/Rock group Gym Class Heroes – Katy Perry’s ex teamed up with our recently featured artist, Bruno Mars on this hip-hop gem. The reggae inspired undercurrents, supported with an infectious hook from Bruno, I’m pretty sure this track will climb its way up to the charts in no time.

13. Scissor Sisters – Fire With Fire
Recently, the American band unveiled one of their best tracks off their latest album yet, ‘Invisible Light’ – a 6 minute slick pop gem. The first official single, ‘Fire With Fire’ is an utter deviation from the disco pop anthem presented by ‘Invisible Light’. The single, sports a different sound but still possessed a quality that the Scissor Sisters can only approve of. Yes, I’m convinced that ‘Fire With Fire’ can be a hit – of course not in their hometown.

14. Sara Bareilles – King of Anything

Unfortunately, I was not convinced by this new hyped single from Miss Bareilles. The California born songstress indeed put a lavishing effort on her debut CD, which can be included as one of the most influential pop albums of the noughties. Her brilliance in delivering slick piano pop anthems is such a feat and ‘King of Anything’ doesn’t deny that. Yet, if you’re not convinced still – this will grow on you, no doubt.

15. M.I.A. – XXXO
As I’ve said in the review of the track posted last week, ‘XXXO’ is simply just f*cking brilliant. It’s totally different from the rebellious rock feeling presented by the utterly controversial ‘Born Free’. I think she’s starting try to fit in today’s pop doesn’t she?

(click the album cover to download the playlist -LIMITED TIME ONLY)


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Album Review: Charice – ‘Charice’ [Listen to the LP in FULL]

FOREWORD: This review is based upon my opinion about the LP. Fuck off and get a life if you don’t intend to respect what you read. Again, I don’t have anything against this girl. Clear? – Crystal Clear.

Charice has been described as ‘the little girl with a big voice’ – that’s quite true and haters can hate about this lass. The Filipina singer is one of those artists that needed the help of YouTube to be able to feel the success they’re meant for. The girl went from being a reality show competition reject to an internet sensation that brought her to guest on massive tv shows across the globe. Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Paul O’Grady – you name it she might have starred in it. Now, with the help of Warner Brothers and her financers (ahem) Oprah Winfrey and David Foster namely Charice unleashes her debut album. Not for the Filipino audience but for the entire world to see. Currently, she’s striving to get big in the US as her self-titled debut CD alongside with her latest single, ‘Pyramid’ is being promoted this month.

For some reason, Charice embeds a bit of Goosebumps to everyone every time she belts out her Whitney covers – not that you have to be a fan of Whitney to appreciate it but hearing that voice coming from a little girl is such a fascinating thing. Well at least, for me. Her album sports 12 tracks on the standard edition that depicts emotions coming from relationships, family, friendship and anything you can think of what a young girl can experience – minus the sex of course.

PYRAMID (feat. Iyaz) (A-)

The album opens with the debut single, ‘Pyramid’ which features vocals from British Virgin Islander Iyaz. It’s quite intriguing why the single had 2 versions. The current version somehow sports an increase in tone compared to the first version that was made available to download on Amazon during the first week of its release. ‘Pyramid’ creates a really nice introduction about how she can really sound good at. It’s radio friendly, chart ready and totally appealing to everyone who hears it.


‘Reset’ is actually one of the better tracks in the LP. Sporting the same vibe ‘Pyramid’ has presented – it’s not dull, syrupy or even not to gimmicky except for the fact that includes a snippet of her first language, ‘Filipino’. The only thing negative about this song is the rap bridge which happens to sport the Filipino lyrics. She could’ve done it in full Filipino or just in English so it could not be that confusing. What’s good about this is that the writers are clever enough to use metaphors of a computer system to describe a broken relationship to rise from the ashes.


And the syrupy ballads started. ‘In This Song’ doesn’t clearly do much impact except from her incredibly high-pitched vocals and ala-American Idol-finale feeling it projects. It’s big yes, but lacked enough substance to make it as a good album track.


It actually seemed that it is a Ryan Tedder production for some moment. It’s definitely some Jordin Sparks would definitely sing. Again, she tries to be musical as she implied lyrics such as finding her melody, turning the radio up and eventually changing to an iPod. It’s good, and what’s surprising is that you may find that for some reason there’s a different artist singing in this track. Great vocal arrangement then.


Bollocks. Period.


During the course of the LP, you might actually notice she really likes to show off her vocal chops aren’t she? Surprisingly, it’s actually a nice pop song to begin with. Other than that, she eats her words in times that it’s hard to fathom the words she’s uttering. This is good but again, not good enough.


Sounds a bit of a rock production isn’t it? It’s surprising that this girl really sounded like an American for most parts of the LP. Again, this track sports a high-pitched vocal interpretation that for some point gets irritating already.


Bollocks again. Sorry.


Definitely one of the better tracks in the LP alongside Reset and Pyramid – it possesses a teen-popstar attitude. It has beautifully controlled vocals (a bit surprising, yeah?) and this definitely fits her personality as artist although I’m still confused as of the moment. It’s chart-ready, very pop but still not unique.


Please stop this.


Sounds a whole lot of crap. Next track please.


Finally, something better to finish of the album. And yes, it’s a cover. The track is considered her first promotional single. If I may remember she launched it on the Oprah Show. ‘Note To God’ peaked at #44 in the Billboard HOT 100 based on Digital sales alone. Well, the Dianne Warren written track is brilliant, hair-raising and it seemed like it’s a gospel track, which I find totally pleasing.

In the end, I get why Charice was signed with a  record deal. The mad vocals are definitely overflowing yet sometimes it may sound a bit in dire need of chopping off. There were high points in the album but there were absolutely a lot of let downs. There might be a couple of hits here but if you really dig deep enough you’ll find a lot of points to improve on. Having said that, we should commend her for doing such a great job singing these songs – and admit it, with that voice she can do a whole lot better.

RELEASED: May 11, 2010 (US), May 7, 2010 (Australia and New Zealand)

LABEL: Reprise Records

DOWNLOAD THIS: Pyramid, Reset, Nothing, Nobody’s Singin’ To Me


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News: Charice reveals album track listing. LP released May 11th

Filipino pop star Charice Pempengco is already set upon the release of her eponymous debut album on May 11th. The teenage singer, who rose to fame in the United States upon appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show and The Oprah Winfrey Show is now ready to release her debut album ‘Charice’ that features 12 tracks on the standard edition and 2 bonus tracks upon pre-ordering the album through iTunes. The track listing are as follows:

Standard Edition:

01 Pyramid
02 Reset
03 In This Song
04 Nobody’s Singin’ To Me
05 Thank You
06 I Love You
07 In Love So Deep
08 All That I Need To Survive
09 Nothing
10 The Truth Is
11 Did It For You
12 Note To God

iTunes Bonus Tracks:

13 Breathe You Out
14 Are We Over

*The album is now available for pre order on iTunes and Amazon.com

P.S.: The album cover looks stunning isn’t it?


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Single Review: Charice – "Note To God"

To be frankly honest, I thought Charice Pempengco (goes internationally as just “Charice”) was just another Whitney Houston copycat that can sing “I Will Always Love You” and “I Have Nothing” on every talk show around the world (which were The Ellen Show and Oprah in the US and even the Paul O’Grady Show in the UK). Well, I guess I’m wrong about her. After she sang “Note To God” which was originally recorded by American teen singer JoJo on her 2006 album “The High Road” on the world’s most watched talk-show “Oprah”, I decided I have to give her a second chance. Even though I’m extremely flattered when she gets impressive accolades from such high-profile personalities, I’m extremely more overwhelmed with this one better than her previous international appearances.

“Note To God” is indeed one of those pop songs intended to be sung by a diva. It’s usually “inspirational” themed lyrics captures the charm of every singer who sings it. Categorically it ranks to those songs like “Footprints In The Sand”, popularised by British Leona Lewis and “Inside Your Heaven”, by Carrie Underwood. It’s melodramatic theme jolts into the emotional core of everyone who hears it. Ethereal in nature, Charice renders the song with much aplomb, charisma and power that it can even bring down the walls whenever she performs it (not literally). This was a perfect choice for a debut single and it could blast Charice to her much deserved fame and recognition. And mind you, she can be the best singer she can be even toppling the vocal abilities of today’s big hitters like Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis and Carrie Underwood.


RELEASED: May 18, 2009 (US only)

TRACK LISTING (Digital Download):
1. Note To God (Single Version)


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