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Cover-Rage: Diana Vickers – The Boy Who Murdered Love (Single Cover)

The official single cover for Miss Diana Vickers’ second UK singe, ‘The Boy Who Murdered Love‘. The single will be released on July 12th and is off from her UK #1 debut album, ‘Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree‘ released May 3rd.

You can buy the track HERE:Diana Vickers - Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree - The Boy Who Murdered Love

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UK Charts: Roll Deep gets 2nd week, D.Vix has #1 album

It looks like Roll Deep are having a ‘Good Time’ as they went on to be #1 with their single, ‘Good Times’ for a second week in a row. They defeated fellow competitions from still non-movers, Usher with ‘OMG’ and Plan B’s ‘She Said’.

Australian now UK based electrorockers Pendulum kicks in the charts with their new single, ‘Watercolour’ which debuts at #4 this week one spot ahead of Londoner rapper Aggro Santos’ debut single featuring Kimberly Wyatt ‘Candy’ which enters at #5.

Taio Cruz’s latest, ‘Dirty Picture’ jumps 6 spots to enter a new peak of #6 this week.

Jason Derulo’s latest ‘Ridin’ Solo’ is the biggest gainer this week with a massive 26-spot leap to #12. The single charted at #12 based on digital downloads alone. ‘Ridin’ Solo’ will be officially released on May 31st.

Guillemot’s frontman Fyfe Dangerfield enters his first UK top 20 hit this week with ‘She’s A Woman’ who debuts at #14 this week. Also a massive gainer this week is Alexandra Burke who sees her third single ‘All Night Long’ jump 18 spots to #16 this week.

English pop artist Sophie Ellie-Bextor didn’t reach the top 20 unfortunately, but she should be happy enough to get a #25 entre this week with her latest ‘Bittersweet’. Other new entries this week belongs to Rihanna, with her latest European single ‘Te Amo’ (#30), Kevin Rudolf’s ‘I Made It’ (#37) and Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro with ‘Bubbles’ (#40).

In the albums chart, Diana Vickers officially has the #1 album with her debut CD, ‘Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree’. She defeated competition off from last week’s #1 Plan B, Usher and AC/DC.Lady Antebellum’s first UK release CD ‘Need You Now’ spends it’s first week in the charts at #8.

For more information about this week’s charts, click HERE.

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Album Review: Diana Vickers – Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree

The near 2 years that Diana Vickers disappeared from the media public created a doubt, whether she would be actually venturing in the pop music world. Well, a lot of things happened really.  Eoghan flopped and was dropped from his label (*chuckles*), JLS soared with two number 1 singles and Burkey’s career was on a so-so since ‘Bad Boys’ topped the singles charts and her album went #1. The big question was, how in the world the Blackburn teenager will present herself in the entertainment world? Her debut single, ‘Once’ became a proof of a warm welcome as it soared to #1 in the UK singles charts just this Sunday. Now the question is, will her debut offering, ‘Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree’ pay off and sell like hotcakes? That’s a question we’ll have to figure out soon.

D.Vix as I like to call her, obviously had something up in her sleeves as her debut LP sports massive production and song-writing collaborations. From Ellie Goulding to Guy Sigsworth – it’s an album full of surprises as we hear the Blackburn singer’s initial offering which led almost 2 years in the making. And if you’re wondering if the album is great, Yes. It’s verging on greatness.

The LP opened with the current single ‘Once’ which is a rock-driven pop song that celebrates Vickers’ appeal to be something relevant yet still unique. She obviously can take down that lane where Girls Aloud or the Sugababes went but she decides to give ‘Once’ that feeling yet still sound like her. Surprisingly, as we all have thought – her album might go into the alternative, mellow-pop lane she’d showered us during her X Factor days but during the course of the LP, Vickers’ delivered slick, massively pop sounding tracks that captures her relevance as a teenager yet being an artist of her own.

Vickers’ tries to be as relevant as she possibly can with tunes like ‘Remake Me & You’, ‘The Boy Who Murdered Love’, ‘My Hip’ and ‘Hit’ which are all posing influences from sounds of the 80’s and 90’s. The upbeat numbers never failed to imply what Vickers wanted to be perceived. These tracks are absolutely in line as potential singles and can in a jiffy give her a ‘national treasure’ status as the Brits call it.

With Vickers pulling off the pop/rock genre, there’s no doubt this lass can bring home the bacon with the melodramatic pop she can offer. ‘Four Leaf Clover’, the tear-jerker track that was outshined by the acoustic version she performed in her single’s EP, ‘N.U.M.B’ which carries a strong emotion through its piano-driven undercurrents as a wistful track about being empty and ‘Notice’ which puts her quirkiness aside and depicts Vickers as a girl who wants to be loved by a man.

Although throughout the course of the debut Vickers went from a strong start to a stronger middle but of course nothing’s quite perfect as she saved the weakest tracks for last. The album ended in a not so much interesting note with ‘Chasing You’ which is a bit off-key from the other tracks of the LP. In the end, Diana obviously had placed much of her effort in her first album – it’s sort of an introductory piece she wanted us to taste as she possesses a ginormous amount of sheer potential as an artist which only a few pop singers of her age has.

RELEASED: May 3, 2010 (UK), April 30, 2010 (Ireland)
DOWNLOAD THIS: ‘Once’, ‘The Boy Who Murdered Love’, ‘Four Leaf Clover’, ‘N.U.M.B’


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UK Charts: Roll Deep, Plan B prevents Usher from getting double whammy

Brits Roll Deep and Plan B prevented Usher from getting a double whammy this week in the UK Charts as both scored the #1 single and album .

Brit Grime Group Roll Deep receives the highest accolade in the singles charts this week with their new single, ‘Good Times’. The single defeated competitions from Usher, who stayed at #2 with ‘OMG’ and Plan B who rose 1 spot to #3 with ‘She Said’.

Last week’s number 1 Diana Vickers suffered a 3 spot push back as her #1 single, ‘Once’ slides down to #4 this week. Her debut album ‘Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree’ is released today in the UK.

The second highest new entry in the top 40 belongs to the Glee Cast as they plunged right into the top 20 with 2 singles on par ‘Gives You Hell’ which stays put at #14 and the new entry, ‘Like A Prayer’ – a Madonna cover debuts at #16.

Other new entries in the top 40 includes Marina and the Diamonds whose new single re-release ‘I Am Not A Robot’ arrived at #26, American country trio- Lady Antebellum spurts at #26 with ‘Need You Now’, Alicia Keys with ‘Try Sleeping With a broken Heart’ (#31), X Factor winner Alexandra Burke with ‘All Night Long’ (#34), US alternative band Train with ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ (#36), Jason Derulo at #38 with ‘Ridin Solo’ and Glam rocker Adam Lambert at #39 with ‘For Your Entertainment’.

In the albums chart despite leading in the midweeks, Usher settles for #2 in this week’s chart. His album, ‘Raymond Vs. Raymond’ was defeated by British soul singer/rapper Plan B with his new album, ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’.

Last weeks #1 AC/DC slides to #3 while Glee Cast’s The Power of Madonna’ EP enters at #4.

To learn more about this week’s charts please click HERE.

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EP Review: Diana Vickers – Once

Looks like 2 years is definitely worth the wait eh? Miss Diana Vickers, the bubbly 17 year-old astounding singer we met on the X Factor two years ago is now 19 and packing up the success after her debut single, ‘Once’ became the official UK number 1 single this week. Her single, ‘Once’ is now available to purchase as a four-track EP. With four brand new songs in a single, who wouldn’t want that?

The EP opened with the #1 single, ‘Once’ which is more of an electro-rock smasher. Vickers lyricists are entirely brilliant as D.Vix puts a conviction on the rock-driven chorus ‘I’m Only Gonna Let You Kill Me Once’ – it’s a bit of a resemblance on her personal relationships with fellow X Factor contestant, Irish Eoghann Quigg. It’s not hard to ignore this 3 and a half-minute track that suggests she wanted to be a Girls Aloud member in the music video. She’s putting a lot of effort in her record which clearly shows in this smashing single.

Second track on the EP is ‘Sunlight’ which I think most of its listeners felt a sudden rush of cold breeze running down their spines. It’s subtle and offers Vickers’ amazing vocal riffs. It’s now a no brainer that this girl has one of the best voices ever – in pop history.

One of Vickers’ collaborations with Ellie Goulding, whom before was quite unknown to the masses is ‘Jumping Into Rivers’ it’s track that you would most likely hear while walking on a trail-park, biking under the shiny sun and gives you every bit of positivity. I think this is what Vickers’ will be known for. Putting smiles on every person’s faces – a bit of an opposite she gave us with ‘Once’.

The final track on the pack is the acoustic version of ‘Four Leaf Clover’. It’s quite ironic as I’ve never heard the standard version before but it suggests of a less melancholic feel. After giving us with a summery, effortless singing with ‘JIR’ and ‘Sunlight’, Vickers’ delivers another melancholic stunner. It’s one of the best songs I’ve heard so far this year and this gives me the idea of an artist that has what it takes to become somebody who’s not irritating, somebody whose presence you would love to see every time you pop out your music channels.  And you’ll be a hypocrite if you’re not excited over her debut album.

Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree is going to be available April 30th in Ireland and May 3rd in the UK.


RELEASED: April 19, 2010

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UK Charts: It’s official, The Vickers has the #1 single!

Our most favoured to go #1 this week Diana Vickers gets what she deserves. The Blackburn born singer who rose to fame after appearing on the X-Factor zoomed to #1 this week as her debut single, ‘Once’ smashed competition from last week’s #1 Usher, Plan B and Chipmunk.

D.Vix as we call her is ready for the release of her debut album, ‘Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree’ which will be released in Ireland this Friday and in the UK next Monday. Can she maintain a #1 and have a double whammy two weeks from now? Let’s wait and see.

Usher, drops to #2 with ‘OMG’ after 1 week at the top. Chipmunk’s latest offering with Esmee Denters peaked at #2 in the midweeks but settled eventually at #3 with ‘Until You Were Gone’.

A big surprise in the top 10 is legendary pop icon, Tina Turner who sees her 1989 single, ‘The Best’ re-enter the top 40 thanks to the Rangers FC whom started a campaign to get Tina to #1. With this, Tina Turner is the female artist with the longest span in the history of the UK singles charts. Her first single to be released in the UK was release in 1966.

Fourth biggest new entry this week belongs to the Glee Cast. Their remake of the All-American Rejects track ‘Gives You Hell’ gives them their 9th UK top 40 single. ‘Gives You Hell’ is their first #1 single in Ireland which was announced last Friday

Kate Nash’s ‘Do-Wah-Doo’ suffers a 6 places drop to #21 this week. Her sophomore album released last Monday  ‘My Best Friend Is You’ enters the albums chart at #8.

Other notable new entries in the top 40 include 3OH!3’s debut single in the US and their re-released UK single ‘Don’t Trust Me’ enters at #22. Glee also has 2 other songs in the top 40 with their cover of ‘Hello’ debuting at #35 and the 19-week old track ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ which peaked at #2 is back at #38.

In the albums chart AC/DC captures the #1 accolade this week with their IRON MAN 2 OST LP. Paul Weller’s ‘Wake Up The Nation’ drops at #2. Meatloaf sees his 10th studio album enter the charts at #4 this week.

for more information about this week’s charts. Click HERE.

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DAILY BEAT: Diana Vickers – Four Leaf Clover (Acoustic Version)

Diana Vickers is one pretty young lady isn’t she? Agree? Agree? Oh well, I’ve been gazing my eyes upon Diana ever since she’s been on the X Factor 2008. Her unique vocals at such a young age is pretty much impressive and we all know that right? Obviously, Diana recently had a major image makeover. She moved from a simple, down-to-earth country lass to a sophisticated, urbanised and pop driven young woman as she tries to show an image that’s to be known as Diana Vickers. A pop star to be exact. Now, she has released her first single, ‘Once’ which kind of already is  making its way into the charts as it went #1 on the iTunes UK charts after 18 hours of release.

A new song, included in her EP of ‘Once’ is the acoustic version of ‘Four Leaf Clover’. I’ve never heard of the standard version of the track yet so I’m guessing it isn’t as piano-inflicted as the acoustic version presented. Well, ‘Four Leaf Clover’ is actually one of those tracks that upon first listen, you’d never want to stop playing it. It’s a certified tear-jerker as Diana puts her best effort to be emotional on a such melancholic love song. It’s somehow drastic but then delivers a much deserved emotion that we all know Diana can give and make it as beautiful as it will or might ever be. I’m just in love with this track and now lost for words. Hear for yourself:

THE EP is released today, April 19th and is available for purchase on AMAZON.

Watch out my review of Diana Vickers’ EP for ‘Once’ this week.

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