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SINGLE REVIEW: Bruno Mars – Grenade

It’s highly justifiable that Bruno Mars is one of the best male artists to come out and shower us with amazing talent and music this year. He’s name got the biggest impact as his début single, ‘Just The Way You Are’ became a monster single and went number 1 across the globe. The Filipino-Puerto Rican crooner has a stunning voice and magnificent songwriting skills that carves into the hearts of every girl who hears him. ‘Grenade’ for example is straight to the heart with enough conviction and power to put chills running down on your spine.

‘Grenade’ – another track that speaks of his thoughts about the opposite sex but is somehow opposite to the message of ‘Just The Way You Are’. The big powerful impact of the tracks instruments has provided an extreme atmosphere to the message of the track itself. Bruno sings with enough disappointment in ‘I would go through all this pain, take a bullet strike through my brain…’ – an assuring line that he would do everything for the woman he loves and still won’t get the love he deserves. It’s kind of depressing if you’d look into it but it’s a brilliant song incorporated with an amazing vocal that gives him an assurance that he can do a lot more things than what we know. Mega.

And check out the super cool video below:



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DAILY BEAT: Rihanna – What’s My Name (feat. Drake)

‘OH NA NA, WHAT’S MY NAME’ – that line has been stuck in my head for the past two days now. Thanks to Rihanna’s latest smash single, ‘What’s My Name’ off from her much anticipated LP, ‘Loud’ out November. The new track co-written and produced by hit factory Stargate is expected to be making impact as to precede the release of her album.

‘What’s My Name’ blurts out every bit of swag glittering all over the entire track. There’s so much hip-hop going on but  it didn’t blur out that Rihanna’s an R&B singer and with the help of Drake’s rapping abilities- it sort of balanced everything just right in the box. The production is amazing and didn’t mind Rihanna showing off some of her finest vocal chops towards the bridge there. ‘What’s My Name?’ seems to be another one of her effortless hits in the making.

This ladies and gents puts Rihanna back where she belongs – not in those creepy leather knickers she has been wearing over the ‘Rated R’ era.

RELEASED: November 1, 2010 (US Download)

LABEL: Island Def Jam

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Single Review: Duffy – Well, Well, Well

Welsh soul singing sensation Duffy is one of the few artists that aren’t easy to like from first listen. I can vividly remember when she first came into the music spotlight back in 2008 with her debut smash single, ‘Mercy’ – from then on Duffy became a worldwide phenomenon. With numerous awards accompanying her success including a Grammy Award you can absolutely bet on it she’ll deliver exceptional music anytime.

‘Well, Well, Well’ is the first single off Aimee Ann Duffy’s sophomore LP titled ‘Endlessly’. ‘Well, Well, Well’ is no ‘Mercy’ but still has her rich, soulful unique vocals embedded in it. The track having its same structure as most of Duffy’s songs in her previous LP, ‘Well’ attracts many listeners  with its sultry, big band production incorporated with an infectious chorus tagline. Dancy, upbeat and with a little touch of soul – it’s too early to say but I think we already have another hit here.



RELEASED: November 21st, 2010


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DAILY BEAT: KT Tunstall – Push That Knot Away (+Music Video)

Okay, Miss Big Black Horse and the Cherry Tree is officially back! Scottish pop/rock/folk singer KT Tunstall graces us again with her new sound after 3 years of absence. A new track, ‘Push That Knot Away’ will be released as the lead single off her new album ‘Tiger Suit’ to be released 20th September in the United Kingdom.

The 35-year old songstress maybe best known for her melodic, pop folk songs that pokes every emotion out of anyone who hears it. After 2007’s ‘Drastic Fantastic’ KT pushes to a new level of pop/rock music as she incorporated loads of electric guitars and drum beats into most of her tracks.

Miss Katherine Victoria Tunstall continues to bring us with heavy electric guitar driven tracks with ‘Push That Knot Away’. It’s definitely not one of those blues tracks she used to record back in 2004, instead it follows the footsteps of ‘Drastic Fantastic’ with its somehow rocky, edgy feeling incorporated with a fantastic chorus. It may sound country at parts but the result of the 3-year absence is somehow favourable.

Here’s the official music video for your consumption. Although I’m thinking this is only a buzz single.

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Single Review: The Saturdays – Missing You (+Music Video)

So… We’ve got the new Saturdays video up in front of us right now. After just clinging on to two singles on their previous album, ‘Wordshaker’ – the English gals are back with ‘Missing You’. The single will precede the release of their new album, ‘Headlines’ to be released this August.

Here’s some of the few things I have to say about the single choice.

1. ‘Missing You’ sounds like an album track. Not something you’d hear as a comeback track that would uplift your lost consciousness about the girls’ disappearance.

2. Well, it’s actually better than ‘Forever Is Over‘ which I think was overly done.

3. A recent track that they performed ‘Higher’ is 10x better.

4. Potential chart positions: #2 at MOST, top 20 at least.

5. I was expecting something like a summer smash to add on my 2010 Summer Hits collection. Well it did fail on that, Miserably.

Here are a few things I have to say about the new video.

1. The idea of shooting the video in Spain for this type of song is a nice choice.

2. Frankie is overly tanned.

3. The choreography in the chorus part is absolutely annoying.

4. The whole video seemed like it’s one of those videos shown whenever you’re singing on a Karaoke machine.

5. To be completely honest, they could’ve done better.

RELEASED: August 9, 2010

LABEL: Fascination Records UK


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Lee Ryan – I Am Who I Am (Single Review + Music Video)

Finally Lee, you’re back! Suddenly out of the blue, former Blue frontman Lee Ryan decides to release a double A-Side comeback single. ‘I Am Who I Am’ pairs with the utterly disappointing electro-flop failure ‘Secret Love’ which will be released July 4th in the UK to officially mark Lee’s return to the British pop music industry. The single will precede the release of his upcoming sophomore album, ‘Confessions’ sometime this year.

I think Lee finally got it right with this one. ‘I Am Who I Am’ is a slightly cheesy, piano-inflicted turned big band  ballad which I think he’s generally good at singing. It perfectly lifted up his image upon releasing ‘Secret Love’, which spawned massive dismay among critics alike. The single showcases Lee’s amazingly controlled vocals flourished with the accompanying gospel-like choir lurking in the background which perfectly suited the track as he sings with much remorse and emotion. ‘I Am Who I Am, and you can’t change me. I’ve done what I can, now stand by the ground… It all falls down.’ Brilliant track, I must say.

And do check out the video, it’s fun to watch Lee being thrown at with a bottle of fresh milk. Really.

RELEASED: July 4th (alongside ‘Secret Love’)

LABEL: Geffen UK


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Single Review: Sky Ferreira – 17

It’s been almost a year now since I knew about Sky Ferreira’s presence. The pop world has been aching for someone like her for ages. I was blown away with her first promo track, ‘Happy Dre’ which was stuck in my playlist for ages. Her official debut single, ’17’ has been featured last month on our playlist and one thing’s really for sure. You’ll like her if you want something fresh, young yet not irritating. Miss Ferreira might be still unknown to most of us right now, but heck she’s 17 and she’s doing pretty fine at what she does.

’17’ the debut single of the LA soon to be pop star, is something you’d probably not find on your favourite tween pop star’s catalogues.  In the single, Sky sings about coming of age – probably her personal experience about getting drugs, drinking and probably getting busted. Yes, it’s something a lot of teenagers have gotten into and she becomes pragmatic about singing it. The track might not catch you on first listen but you can try to repeat it and you’ll appreciate the track’s electropop, rock feel that captures a very nice introduction to Miss Sky. And yes, she’s young, fresh, hip and a pop star like Miley – less the irritation.

RELEASED: May 18th, 2010

LABEL: Capitol Records

Purchase the track HERE:
Sky Ferreira - 17 - Single - 17


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