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Album Review: The Candle Thieves – Sunshine and Other Misfortunes

The Candle Thieves may be quite unknown to most of us right? Well, the duo from Peterborough, UK consisting of Scott McEwan and Glockienshiels (did I spell that right?) are trying to break out in the British music scene with a taste of today’s hip music. Call Mumford & Sons with Noah and the Whale accompanying them and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I would not say this is Folk Music but it captures every bit of pop attitude making it more listenable the moment you indulge in this almost 50-minute debut LP.

It’s kind of a bit shocking to see something on the first track that says ‘We Are All Gonna Die (Have Fun)’ – it suggests of you having fun while dying but it isn’t actually. The free-spirited anthem denotes of a simple yet dead-on-point meaning, enjoy every bit of life has to offer. I certainly agree on this one and it might suggest of an album that’s full of feel-good songs. Hmm – sadly, it’s not.

The band’s ingenious use of instruments that puts a certain feel-good vibe in every song is a precarious thing to do. It’s more of a front that gears you away from the deeper meaning to every track the duo had scribbled. The Sunshine Song for example, stirs every bit of chance you might think of it as a literal sunshine song but it’s not. And the devious implication of having a nightmare brought to us by a xylophone-inflicted track ‘Sharks and Bears’.

‘My Love Will Clap Its Hands For You’ can sound like it’s an endearing ballad and luckily it is. ‘MLWCIHFY’, the albums third track is one of the best moments in the LP. It may present a wistful vibe during its verses but what they wanted for the listener to feel in this record is that it’s a song for assurance that somebody loves somebody. And take note of the beat break after the bridge. I’d say this can capture me off guard any time.

As the title of LP adumbrated, ‘Sunshine’ on ‘Sunshine and Other Misfortunes’ has faded as the next tracks become very wistful, with ‘Bright Lights’ which reminded me of a Snow Patrol track pictures a near-broken relationship with crying in the bathroom, choking at the table while ambulance waits – again, it’s actually pertaining to the recurrent theme of death. Then there’s the three-part finale ‘Singapore’ which leaves the album on a very depressing note.

In the end, ‘Sunshine and Other Misfortunes’ started with a bit of sunshine and ended with more misfortunes. It’s not that I’m complaining on what they did but it’s rather mixed emotions about totally liking the album or not. I guess, they’re ingenious to use elementary instruments to make the album sound brilliant. The song-writing is exceptional but they can be more pragmatic the next time. And if you may ask it if this is enjoyable, well it is. Mostly.

LABEL: Carnival Town Records
RELEASED: April 19th, 2010
DOWNLOAD THIS: ‘My Love Will Clap Its Hands For You’, ‘Sharks and Bears’, ‘Bright Lights’

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Single Review: The Candle Thieves – We’re All Gonna Die (Have Fun)

Skepticism turning to joy. This is how I personally felt after listening to We’re All Gonna Die (Have Fun), the latest single from Peterborough outfit The Candle Thieves. The title may be a little bit too pessimistic in nature but the sound of the exact is the exact opposite. The track is very pleasing to the senses with the keyboards doing most of the guilty pleasure sounds. The lyrics even induce some feelings of joy. The track really is an irony of sorts but it all work s out in grand fashion.

What makes the track very interesting is the meshing of an unexpected combination of instruments: the g lockenspiel, the vintage keyboards, and toy drums. Yes, the toy drums do contribute in the track. The band’s ‘playfulness’ (I would like to call it as such) really stands out in the track and subsequently gives the track some additional punch in it.
Eventually, I did like the We’re All Gonna Die (Have Fun). It is a fun track albeit the negative connotation that its title gives. The Candle Thieves really did a great job with this track – something that many people could enjoy from time and time again.

RELEASED: March 29th, 2010

This review is written by our resident contributor Jio Canlas. You can view his other works on his personal blog at THE REFLECTIVE INKLINGS


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