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MUSIC VIDEO: Cheryl Cole – The Flood

I kinda predicted the video would actually look like this because I don’t want to see another crappy studio shot video. And this I must say is Cheryl’s best yet. Pure, emotional and beautiful as usual. But her voice is still crap compared to Nadine’s. Just sayin’.



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VIDEO: Ke$ha performs ‘We R Who We R’ on X Factor Australia

Multi-platinum selling- always looking drunk Ke$ha performs ‘We R Who We R’ live for the first time on television on Monday’s X Factor Australia. The track is the first single off ‘Cannibal’, an extended play combined with her debut album, ‘Animal’ which will be released in a repackaged edition in most countries next week. The EP + Album titled ‘Cannibal + Animal’ is due for a  November 19 release in Australia and a November 22 release in the US.


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TBR’s X Factor Performance Of The Week: Week 5

After Cher Lloyd stole the show last week, there’s been quite a battle for the best performance in this very unpatriotic theme from the X Factor this week. I’m torn between the shy, still coming out of her shell-mum from Liverpool – Rebecca and the charming, ex-painter, geeky Matt Cardle from the ‘American Anthem’ theme.

I’ve decided that based on the chilling, goosebumps, spine-tingling factors and the judges comments our winner this week is non other than REBECCA. Her performance of Bob Dylan’s slash Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ somehow pushed my emotional limits while watching the show and its the first time a contestant from The X Factor had given me that. The soulful, exquisitely brilliant Fergusson might be the shiest and the most introverted person on the X Factor but she has the voice that can sweep millions.

And that performance might have just told the 8 contestants left that they should start packing their bags early.


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TBR’s X Factor Performance Of The Week: Week 4

Hello there mates! It’s time for The X Factor Performance Of The Week and this week it’s ‘HALLOWEEN THEME’. To be lawfully honest, it’s not very surprising that they chose this theme. Overall, the performances weren’t that strong except for a few people who really showed off massive likability and ability to sing anything. Literally anything.

This week’s winner and by all means deserved it is CHER LLOYD. The 17 year-old from Malvern, Worcestershire sang a classic Shakespears Sister song ‘Stay’. There are a lot of things to say about this performance but the few that stood out were:

  1. Her outfit and make up looked like she was just going out for the mall. It really looked natural to be honest.
  2. The song choice was phenomenal.
  3. It’s NOT the best performance of the SERIES.
  4. She could’ve sang an Evanescense song but I highly doubt she’ll pull it off though.

The only thing I don’t like is Cher is absolutely overrated. From the beginning, it looked like everything was meant to go her evil ways. It actually looked like she’s gonna pass through to the finals without actually getting demeaning comments from the judges. Her act is starting to get a bit boring and I commend her for giving this type of performance. I just hope she sings something like this in the future but less haunting, I suppose. Well done!

And if It’s any consolation, VAGNER’s our RUNNER UP!

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TBR’s X Factor Performance Of The Week: Week 3

So, I just decided to have this little segment that I’m going to publish weekly (hopefully) until the end of the live shows of The X Factor Series 7. I love me self some X Factor and I’m actually very thrilled to write this up. This year sees massive talent as 16 acts originally battled to win the illusive title this year. Now, the finalists are down to 12 as John Adeleye from London went home last Sunday.

This week’s theme was ‘GUILTY PLEASURES’ and by all means is a vast category and a million tracks to chose from. One performance that gave me all the reasons to place him / her as this week’s winner is Matt Cardle’s. His version of Travis’ version of the classic Britney Spears track ‘…Baby One More Time’ sent chills tingling into my spine – literally. Although if you heard the original, there are slight differences innit and the production is a little bit extravagant with all the big band backing him up. But still, it’s a whopping performance and as Simon said – ‘Absolutely Incredible’.


and if you’d like to compare:


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ALBUM REVIEW: Cheryl Cole – Messy Little Raindrops

‘Messy Little Cumshots’ I-I mean ‘Messy Little Raindrops’  – I absolutely thought it’s a brilliant album name but never would’ve thought in a million years that Cheryl’s going to name her album like this. It’s not bad for an album full mainly of personal maladies about a broken marriage, being sick with malaria and a budding romantic affair. She’s got 12 tracks to prove she won’t be called a ‘National Treasure’ as the Brits call it for nothing. Here’s a semi track by track commentary on CHEZZA’s new record.

The 43 minute record starts with the lead single, ‘Promise This’ in which she cleverly used the French word ‘Alouette’ to metaphorically describe basically ‘Derek’ for everything that has happened to her life in the past few months. It’s not bad entirely but it really sounded like a rushed piece of dance record that doesn’t present any premise of a lead single. Unlike ‘Fight for This Love’, ‘PT’ didn’t show a lot of ‘infectious parts’ except for the French phrase she utters throughout the track. In totally it really just fits in in the ‘okay’ level.

Moving on, is the 2nd track, ‘Yeah Yeah’ which features Travie McCoy on this 90’s disco sound infused with a hip-hop influence coming from McCoy’s unnecessary verses. There’s nothing much to adore in this except that it did sound different from the other tracks in the LP. Probably not your choice for single #3 but it’s a nice album filler but shouldn’t be placed ahead of the better songs.

The Flood’ is unarguably the best track on the record in which Cheryl shows every bit of vulnerability she has. I think she just sang it with sincerity and conviction that you wouldn’t notice that this track might have been done before melodically. ‘But you can’t hold on to water that fills you up but never stays.’ – Cheryl sings with purity as she grasps for love. I’m not sure why she’s doing this because I think we can all show some love for her anytime eh? Unless you’re a hater – it’s quite understandable.

I think most of us are expecting that ‘Amnesia’ is a cover of a Britney track when the tracklisting came out for ‘MLR’. I actually won’t mind if that happen because the original was a bore and I thought Cheryl might have done something more with it. Vocally, there’s something I’m concerned about. She’s actually singing these tracks with minimal productions that it exposes her flaws as a singer. Her inability to reach the high notes in these songs makes her sound too trying hard for it. Especially ‘Raindrops’, in which she sounded like her vocal chords are gonna tear-up anytime soon.

Moving on, I commend Cheryl for putting off the misery from our backs towards the latter half of the LP. ‘Hummingbird’ – the LP’s 8th track started the happy, a little bit joyful moments of the mostly bleak record. But to be honest, the latter parts of the song are quite painful to hear. She’s using enough of her narrow vocal range that it sounded like she’s shouting towards the end of the track.  But I have to admit, this really put a smile on my gutted face while listening to the record.

Another collaboration, ‘Better To Lie’ – plays into the safe side as she’s starting to redeem herself from the mediocrity she has been lingering on from the first parts of the record. The collaboration isn’t what I have expected but these are the songs Cheryl should sing. It didn’t push her vocals too hard and it just fits everything. A hip, very radio-friendly R&B track is what she needed after all this.

‘Let’s Get Down’ is actually a fun track to deal with. Cheryl rapping with her Geordie accent – what more could you ask for? Plus you can totally imagine what she’d be wearing if this had a video. ‘Uhl me Leydeis, uhl my gerls, uhl my hunnies, uhl my betchis and meh leydeis’ – it’s a total breath of fresh air to be gleefully honest. I’m quite happy she’s doing tracks like this but I’m not sure but it can be looked as too contrived. But overall, I think it’s lovely to hear her have some fun despite all the drama in her life.

Cheryl keeps the swag on until the last track ‘Waiting’ – a surprisingly Vanessa Carlton sampled pop/dance track. I’m afraid to say this but I think these tracks are what Cheryl should be singing. Fun, upbeat tracks that won’t require her narrowed vocal range to be torn out into pieces. It’s jumpy, fresh and possible dance floor filler. It’s definitely one of the best ways to end an entirely depressing record. I really hope she sticks to this kind of music it fits her vocally.

In totality, ‘Messy Little Raindrops’ maybe filled with sobby, drama inflicted anthems about Cheryl being person, but this record isn’t entirely atrocious. It’s not unusual for pop singers to get personal in their second album or future albums especially if they’ve undergone such media attention because of their personal mishaps. With artists like Cheryl you don’t actually expect their albums to blow you away in terms of its musicality. It’s just that you have to give them the benefit of the doubt whether they’ll deliver or not. But in this case, she didn’t.

RELEASED: November 1, 2010

LABEL: Polydor Records

DOWNLOAD THIS: ‘The Flood’, ‘Waiting’, ‘Better To Lie’

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The worst 4 minutes of your life.

Can this be any more mortifying? Please.

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