Woah. I’ve never been this happy. [Updates & Rants]

Okay, this should be something worthy ain’t it? Since it’s summer here in the Philippines and I’m just 2 months away from entering my third year as a university student, I’m taking a vacation tomorrow, April 9, 2009 until April 12, 2009 so I won’t be making any reviews as far as my wireless connectivity is concerned. Good thing I have a spare USB wireless internet access that I can bring wherever I go. LOL. So, this post will somehow be a little bit ranting about different artists that I’ve come up with the past 2 days or so.
Pixie Lott. (pictured) I bet you, this girl is freaking amazing. I’ve heard her name before from Nikki’s blog and When I first saw her about 2 days ago at Paul’s blog, I immediately had a crush on her and I researched her and found out I’m just like 10 days older than her which is actually pacifying for me. LOL. Anyways, Pixie has a one-heck of a voice. Dang it. She’s just flowing with talent and she’s really hard to not fall in love with. She’s got killer vocals that would penetrate your ear drums with pleasure the moment you hear it. By the way, she’s 18 and British and that’s making me like her a LOT than I expected. Her single isn’t out until May 11 but you can hear a sample of her single “Mama Do” as well as other tracks including the marvelous “Turn It Up” also known as “The Fall”, “My Way” and the RedOne inflicted “Here We Go Again” on her MYSPACE. Plus don’t forget to check her cover versions of OneRepublic’s “Apologise” and the amazing Kings of Leon cover “Use Somebody“. Plus, don’t forget to sign-up on her mailing list to get a free download of her song “What U Do”. Watch out for a decent review of her single “Mama Do” when it comes out this May.

Eoghan Quigg has released his debut album titled “Eggnog” JK. It’s actually “Eoghan Quigg” and I beg you, don’t ever buy a copy of this. LOL. It’s ridiculously filled with abhorring covers from Take That to McFly and even a courageous attempt for a Michael Jackson song. The results are unbelievably disdainful. Categorically, this album is like a 12 year-old boy trying to become a popstar and absolutely failing. I’m beggin the UK audience to not buy this or even download it because it is just an utter waste of time. At least try to have yourself a good and legal copy of Bat For Lashes CD “Two Suns”. That one might be a better treat than Eggnog. Anyways, read Nikki’s review of Eoghan’s unarguably appalling CD “Eoghan Quigg” HERE.

Another great sparkling new artist is the very Dutchy Esmee Denters. She’s some sort became a YouTube sensation because of her song covers ranging from Alicia Keys to Justin Timberlake. She really has a good nice pop voice that can be quite very pleasing especially when she hits those high notes. Aside the fact that she got the voice, she even has the personality and the right charm to become the next big thing. Having said that, she’s being trained by the pop whatever, Justin Timberlake and he has been helping her for her debut album set for this year’s release. And by the way, she’s got a new song that leaked about 2 weeks ago titled “Outta Here” produced by Palow Da Don. It’s quite upbeat and has a very catchy tune on it. It’s kind of a song that even our “Future of Pop” GaGa can sing. It’s a decent debut single and it really puts on a lot of good impression on how does Esmee Denters really sound like. Artistry! Whatever. Haha. Visit her MYSPACE to listen to the song.

Paolo Nutini is back into the music scene. The Scottish star, having his time in 2006 along with fellow mate James Morrison is releasing his new single in May and it’s titled “Candy“. If you haven’t heard the song yet, you can go over to his MySpace or YouTube (see video below) to listen to the song. It’s pretty much very old fashioned when you first hear it but it’s quite still Paolo’s original offering. Still very subtle, laidback and very pleasant to the ears. I really doubt he can match James’ success now. Hopefully he can do it before its too late.

Anyways, more on Idol tomorrow and some random rants whenever I get bored in my va-cay. See you guys in a bit. :))



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2 responses to “Woah. I’ve never been this happy. [Updates & Rants]

  1. Nikki

    Esmee Denters(who reminds me of Gia Farrell) and Pixie Lott(Natasha Bedingfield in the making!) – Thumbs UPPPPPPP! haha.Eoghan Quigg – I’ll stick with my 0.5 review. haha.Thanks for linking to me like twice times, btw.. haha.

  2. Nikki

    sorry, 0 OVER five.. haha.

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